21 Tips to Raise Your Daughter to Be the Best

Raising a girl these days is not difficult anymore because the societal stigma that earlier used to prevail while raising a girl is no longer present. You can provide your daughter with the best of everything without any discrimination or without facing any hindrance at all. 

What can we do to raise our daughters to be the best?

  • We must not stop her from doing anything that interests her.
  • We should encourage her in taking part in extracurricular activities.
  • We must teach her to be self-dependent.
  • We must teach her to be emotionally stable in every situation.
  • We should tell her about the importance of being economically stable.

But the question that remains is whether we can raise our daughters to be the best in every field because emotional strength and independence are also important for a person to tackle every kind of situation. So, let us look into some of the steps that we can take to raise our daughters to be the best.

Here are different things that we can do to make her the best.

Teach her to be herself

The first thing that all the parents of a girl child must do is to teach her to be herself. The parents must tell her that she should not compromise with who she is, irrespective of anything. This will allow her to be more confident.

Also, when she has this feeling of valuing her identity without any compromise then she will be happy and not care about anything negative that comes on her path of life. Thus, teaching her to value her identity is of paramount importance to make her the best.

Teach her the importance of financial stability

A girl must always be financially stable. We must keep in mind the cases in the past where females have suffered because of their financial inabilities. Having a strong mind or emotional strength may lead her to battle but financial instability may restrain her from winning.

Keeping this in mind, financial stability no longer needs any explanation regarding its importance. Financial stability will ensure that your daughter is not afraid of fighting and any monetary disturbance will not be able to dismantle her ground. So, make her financially stable.

Make her emotionally strong

People have this belief that girls are emotionally weak. They often become emotional when it comes to dealing with important situations in life. But this is not always the case and one possible reason for this is their improper emotional grooming.

Girls need to be taught how to be emotionally strong. They must be able to understand that reality does not work according to our hearts. This will enable them to make choices firmly and will not be driven emotionally when the need arises.

Teach her to be disciplined

We must ensure that our daughters get enough liberty and privacy. She must see the real world and have the true experience of it. But at the same time, she must be disciplined enough so that she can ensure that she is free of tension.

Being disciplined helps a person a lot in every field of life. It helps a person to maintain a healthy personal and professional life and also ensures that the person can take out time for her interests. So, make sure you are teaching your daughter to be disciplined.

Encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities may bring out the potential of your daughter in many fields that we cannot even imagine. It is a cliché that children should establish themselves by studying hard and by finding a job. But this might not always be the case.

Your daughter may have greater potential in any of the extracurricular activities than in bookish education. So, encourage her to take part in the different extracurricular activities taking place. She may prove herself to be the best in the world not in studies, but in any other field.

Your daughter must be self-dependent

One of the most important things to do to make your daughter the best is to teach her to be self-dependent. Once she is self-dependent, she would be ready to do all her jobs on her own and would need minimal help from others in daily life.

Self-dependency will also build confidence in her. She will be able to believe in her works and can grow up to support others. Thus, make sure that you are making your daughter self-dependent to ensure that she is growing up to be the best.

Your daughter must be empathetic 

One of the most important and valued traits in any human being is empathy. Your daughter should be able to understand what a person is going through. She should be able to understand someone’s problems and must help that person. This is the trait of a good human.

Your daughter should be no exception. She must be an empathetic person and should understand the different situations a person faces for their sustenance. So, this is one of the life-skills that your daughters need to have to be the best.

She must help others

A good person always tends to be helpful. A good person does not deny helping anyone if they are in need. But the habit of helping others is not always inborn. Parental guidance plays an important role in the development of this trait in any person.

So, you must make your daughter be a helpful person. Remember, a person can be the best when she is helping enough and lifting others who are truly in need. So, start teaching your daughters to be ready to help people who require it.

She must know how to respect others

A person needs to respect others irrespective of their gender, financial status, job, and other factors to be the best. Your daughter also needs to be respectful to others to become the best. She must not disrespect anyone in any circumstance.

But the thing that is important to know is that respecting others is not inborn and must be taught. So, teach your daughters to respect every individual without any prior condition so that she grows up to be the best.

She must have good manners

Having good manners is one of the first things that people notice in others. Good manners always send a good impression about a person to others. Thus, it is needless to say that your daughter must have very good manners to be the best.

In addition to this, she must also know how to be thankful if need be. A sense of gratefulness must prevail in her. This will help her in multiple spheres of life, too. So, teach her to have good manners and to be thankful whenever needed.

Teach her not to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable

Teach her that she doesn’t have to always act to someone else’s needs. Let her know that there will be situations where she will not prefer to do something that is being liked by others. Let her know that there will be certain situations where she may feel uncomfortable.

But, let her know that if she feels uncomfortable doing something, like wearing something which she is not comfortable in or eating something which she doesn’t want to, she must always kindly refuse instead of misbehaving. This will not only shape her up to be a nice person but will also teach her to assess situations better.

Teach her to be an avid reader

Gone are the days when girls were considered to be secondary in all fields or were married off at tender age. Give her an adequate education and nurture her to be a self-sufficient and educated woman. Encourage her to read as much as possible, but make sure whatever she reads is informative and is shaping her as a person.

Let her know that the most successful person in the world is the well-read one. Let her know the power of reading good books. Do not make reading a compulsion for her but make her fall in love with this beautiful habit. A good reading habit is a must for everyone. Gift her books along with other gifts on her birthday and other special occasions. 

Teach her to always tell the truth

Encourage her to always tell the truth no matter what the situation is. Let her know that a person who speaks the truth always has much more credibility than someone who barely speaks the truth. Never make her feel scared to speak the truth from you. Promote an environment where she feels comfortable and confident to speak the truth.

Let her know that to hide a lie, a person has to speak a thousand more lies and that is not right. Tell her that she must always have the courage to speak the truth even if she has done something wrong. A person becomes successful only when he/she is true to himself and also others. Promote a healthy understanding with your daughter and ensure she always feels comfortable when talking with you.

Teach her to be proud to be a woman

Teach her to appreciate herself to have been born as a woman. Let her know that women are not just known to give birth but are also credited to be great multi-taskers. Tell her that being a woman comes with various responsibilities and she must fulfill all those. Teach her to set an example for the upcoming generations and she must always lead by example.

Let her know that being born in a patriarchal society doesn’t make her any less important. Teach her to never undermine the opposite sex but to always maintain a healthy and respectable relationship with them. Teach her to believe in equality and never to promote sexism. 

Teach her to follow her dreams and aspirations

Tell her that no matter what happens she must never back down from following her dreams. Teach her to focus on her dreams and make them a reality. Let her know that if she works hard, she will be able to achieve whatever she wants without a problem. 

Also, teach her that she must not only work hard to achieve her dreams but also inspire others to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Stand by them and give them the support that they need- it may be financial or emotional. Teach her to always lend a helping hand to the ones who need it. And, most importantly encourage her to always keep the fire alive within her and never give up.

Teach her to believe in Karma

Encourage her to do good deeds always. Let her know what exactly karma is and how powerful it is. Teach her to never hurt anyone without any reason. Let her know that whatever she does in life, for or against society it will come back to her. Tell her that she will have to face the consequences for her actions and hence she must always opt to do good things for society.

Tell her stories about how karma benefits as well as harms people. Always remember that your daughter will learn from you and hence you must be careful whatever you teach. Teach her to differentiate between good and bad karma. Teach her to always help people when in distress. Let her know that whenever she does good karma, she is blessed by God and also by those whom she is helping.

Help her nurture leadership qualities

Being a leader in today’s time is very important. Shape her to become an efficient leader in the future. You can start shaping her by engaging her in doing certain household chores by herself and also by encouraging her to speak her heart out. Show her inspiring movies and short videos to bring out the leadership qualities in her. 

Tell her that a good leader is one who thinks of others before thinking about himself/herself. Tell her that to be a good leader, she must first understand the grievances and demands of the masses. She must make sure that she can achieve her goals with her followers. Tell her that a good and efficient leader is one who can understand human nature and understand the strong and weak points of a person.

Inculcate in her the skill of decision making

Give her the space to make certain decisions by herself. This will help her to understand what is wrong and what is right. Promote experiential learning. Let her take small decisions like what to wear for an invitation or whether to go out and play when she is sick. The skill of decision making is a positive trait and tells her that a good decision maker becomes very successful in life.

As she grows up, teach her to make important decisions like which college to go to. Tell her that being a woman, she has to be a good decision-maker as she will have to handle a lot of things once she matures. Giving her the liberty to make certain decisions will also develop her presence of mind. Having a good presence of mind will help her assess situations better and take decisions accordingly. 

Do not spoil her

You want the best for your daughter and you want to shower her with all the happiness in the world but that doesn’t mean you have to give her whatever she demands. Spoiling her with expensive gifts or giving in to her continuous nagging will only make her take everything for granted. She will not develop a sense of belonging and she will not learn to value the important things in life.

Being strict and sometimes saying ‘no’ to her might hurt her but always remember that this will help her to evolve as a better person. Let her know how you have struggled to become successful in your field and how much effort you had put in. It doesn’t mean that you will not get her anything at all but teach her to differentiate between necessity and luxury.

Teach her to be strong

Let her know that the most important thing in life is to be strong. Teach her to never back down and face all her problems with her head held high. Let her know that she will face problems in her life but she must always keep a calm head and efficiently steer clear of the problem. Bring her up in such a way that she never feels scared to face her problems.

Encourage her to be self-sufficient and not rely on someone else to find happiness. Tell her that a successful woman is the one who is strong both mentally and physically. Maintain a good and positive environment at home which will help her to focus on herself and she will also learn from you how to handle various situations at one go without losing temper.

Teach her to lead a healthy diet

Let her know that leading a healthy diet is very important. Teach her that amidst eating junk foods, she must also eat healthy food which will help in her nourishment. It is scientifically proven that those who maintain a healthy diet are much calmer and more composed and also well organized. Teach her that gluttony is a sin and she must not indulge in that.

Fix up a diet for her and the best way to ask her to follow it religiously, is to follow the same along with her. Cook up her favorite dishes at home for her during weekends. Do not force her to not eat outside at all but make sure she maintains a balance. Encourage her to lead a healthy lifestyle that will keep her fit and away from diseases.


So, these were some of the suggestions that you can follow to raise your daughter to be the best. In addition to the above points, ensure that she is kind enough. Once she is kind, she will automatically develop traits that will make her a better human being.

But above all, let her be herself. Never try to force your decisions on her. All you should do is to direct her on the right path and explain what is right and what is wrong. Once she understands the path of rightness, she will be the best human being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shall we give her complete liberty from a young age?

You must give her the liberty once she knows to take care of herself. 

Can we tell her about the things she must focus on for a better career?

Being the parents it is your duty to guide her towards a proper and stable career. But never impose your choices on your daughter, this will only not allow her to realize her potential.

How can we teach her to respect others?

The best way to teach her to be respectful to others is by respecting her. Also, you must respect others in front of her so that she knows that it is the normal thing to do.

How can we make her emotionally strong?

The best way to make her emotionally strong is by explaining her harsh realities of the world and that people have the power to overcome them.

How shall we make her understand what is right and what is not?

This is indeed a difficult thing to do but it is not impossible. You must always decide what is the right thing to do and follow that path. As she grows up, she will follow the path that her parents have followed and hence, the idea will develop.

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