13 Positive Ways to Handle a Negative Pregnancy Test

Women who are trying to have a baby for a long time can be extremely disheartened after a negative pregnancy test. Even if you are immune to the negative results, still disappointment can crush you when you are treating yourself with fertility treatment. A woman has to deal with an avalanche of negative thoughts and emotions like anxiety or depression. 

Don’t get dispirited as the process of conceiving can take longer for some couples. Initially, the process of conceiving is fun, but later on, after several trials, it might look like a chore. Here are some ways for coping with a negative pregnancy test and the emotions that follow after that. 

What are the Best Ways To Deal with a Negative Pregnancy Test

  • Do not be alone, be with someone who understands your pain.
  • Be practical and know that you can conceive soon.
  • Don’t make any hasty or rash decisions.
  • Remember, your partner is in this too, so be there for him as a pillar of strength.
  • Enroll yourself in a meditation or yoga class to feel better.

Positive Ways to Handle a Negative Pregnancy Test

Talk About It With Your Partner 

Instead of suffering alone, you should talk with your partner and share about the sadness and regret that you are experiencing. You can also talk to other people who are close to you, like best friends or family members. Try to think positive by getting rid of negative thoughts. 

Your Partner May Seem To Be On A Different Page 

After you share with your partner that the pregnancy test came negative, they might not react in the same way that you did. Do not get offended, angry, or feel hurt if they don’t look so devastated like you.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

It is essential, to be honest about your feelings and examine the emotions. These emotions and feelings are real, but it is not going to stay with you for a long time. 

Fulfill The Plans 

During this time you can take a little vacation and go to some nice place or attend any special classes or read books that can keep you busy throughout the day. The process of trying to get pregnant can be long, so don’t restrict yourself from enjoying life. 

Avoid Dwelling About It 

Take time and space for healing yourself from the sadness of the negative pregnancy test but avoid dwelling about it for several days. Try to move on and focus on all the good things in your life. 

Don’t Doubt Yourself.

After a negative pregnancy result, it is essential to understand that you are not a failure. You might get angry with yourself for feeling happy and hopeful, and the disappointment might take over you, but things like this can be controlled. 

Do not doubt yourself and look into the root cause behind the negative pregnancy test. You can take an acupuncture course or have some supplements or practice mindfulness or do a little exercise that can help you with the process. 

Stay With Trustworthy People

There is no need for sharing with all the people that you and your partner are trying to conceive. It will make the process harder for you as people will ask you every month whether you are pregnant or not. 

Try to find trustworthy people with whom you can share this thing and get comfort and support.

 Visit The Doctor 

If you encounter more than two negative pregnancy tests, then you should visit a good gynecologist. They will help you to find the root cause of the problem and might recommend some fertility treatment that can speed up the process or remove the complications. 

Online Community 

One can easily find the online community of women who are also trying to get pregnant. This will help you to recover quickly from the trauma by sharing your stories with them. 

You will gain compassion, and they will provide you reassurance which will give you strength. Sometimes you might also rescue other women who are also going through the same situation by offering compassion and encouragement. 

Silver Lining

Try to look into the positive part of this negative situation. Use time for reflecting on yourself. 

Take A Break 

If you have been trying for a long time, then try to take a break. The series of continuous negative test results can demotivate you, so try to rejuvenate your senses and hope. It will help you to become strong and confident. 

Underlying Cause

The cause of negative pregnancy tests can be fertility problems in men or women or both. You can talk to the gynecologist and ask for ways to overcome it. 

Stay Proactive

Active planning can be pretty helpful during this time. Women should not stay passive when they are in the process of conceiving. They must focus on doing yoga or having a healthy eating program that can prepare them for conceiving. 

A lot of reasons can hinder your dream of becoming pregnant. By being proactive, you will be able to gain direction and focus. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can a pregnancy test at home be wrong? 

Ans: If there is any menopause, ectopic pregnancy, or any other issue with the ovary, then the results can be misleading. There is a rare chance that home pregnancy test results may show positive even when it is not. 

Is there any chance of being pregnant even after a negative result? 

Ans: Women who are trying to conceive can revisit the doctor or test after a few days when the test results are negative. 

What does it indicate when the first pregnancy test was positive, and the second one is negative?

Ans: Initially, if the pregnancy test result was positive and then it’s showing negative, and you start getting periods, then it indicates that you might have a miscarriage.

Can the pregnancy result be false with twins? 

Ans: When a woman is carrying triplets or twins, their pregnancy hormone level is very high. It not only causes the hook effect, but there are other contributing reasons for showing negative results. If you are testing way too early, then it might show a false-negative result. 


The process of conception will take several months, and a negative test does not imply that it is not going to happen ever. When you get a positive pregnancy result, then the joy from it will nullify all the heartbreaks.

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