12 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Time to Have a Baby

Are you already pregnant or trying to get pregnant and can’t decide which season would be the best to have a baby? Pregnancy is a thrilling adventure that you can experience any time of the year but many parents try to time the conception. Even though not everybody has a baby in the season that they planned for but it is always the best idea to have a spring baby and especially early spring. 

A lot of parents consider spring to be the best time to have a baby. It almost makes a poetic sense that spring is also considered to be a season of new beginnings and having your baby will be the beginning of your new life. 

Why do women consider spring to be the best time to have a baby?

  • Perfect weather 
  • Less worrying about germs and infections
  • Lower risk of postpartum depression
  • Your baby will be of the correct age at the beginning of the academic year 
  •  More cheery people around you
  • You will have either an Aries, a Gemini or a Taurus baby 
  • Cute baby wear like baby rolls, sunhats, and tiny swimsuits
  •  Less spending on air heating 
  • Less hassle during car rides
  • It will be easier to deal with the upcoming winter 

Advantages of having a newborn in spring

Spring provides the best weather- 

It is neither too hot nor too cold during spring. It is the best time to have a newborn baby because it will be easier to take your baby outside the home. You won’t have to be cooped up in your room all day with your crying baby.

You will be able to walk around with your baby and enjoy the fresh spring air outside. It will also make it easier for your little one to go to sleep. Some long walks will also help you to get back in shape. 

Banishes Postpartum depression- 

Spring will help you deal with your Postpartum blues by providing you with fresh air and a change of scenery with fresh flowers blooming everywhere. It will be much less gloomy than winter and you will be feeling very positive about your life.

Lower germs and infections- 

You don’t have to worry about the flu season or catching a cold. New mothers have to be especially careful about getting sick because it becomes extremely difficult to take care of the newborn.

You will not have to worry about the additional consumption of antibiotics to maintain your health. With a spring baby, you will be much less paranoid about germs and infections. It is always advisable to maintain proper sanitization and handwashing practices but at least you will be less stressed about it. 

There will be fewer people around you with cold and flu. It will be easier to have visitors in your house as we will be less worried about your newborn contracting any infection from them. Taking care of a newborn baby who has fallen sick is one of the toughest things for new parents. 

Easier to run errands- 

You will be able to easily run an errand with your baby. You can nonchalantly go to the pediatrician, do some shopping at the grocery store, pick up your other kids from school, or you may even go out to have some icecream. 

Lesser layers of clothing- 

You won’t have to put extra layers on your baby. Spring weather means banishing those snow boots and bulky jackets. It will also be easier to walk to different places and it will also help you to get some exercise.

Car rides become simpler- 

You must already know about the rule of taking all the coats off your newborn before putting them in a car seat. One of the best things about spring is you won’t have to put on extra layers on your baby only to take them off before putting your baby in the car seat.

It makes car rides much simpler and hassle-free. It also means that there is a lesser chance of your newborn starting to cry just because you had to take off their bulky coats.

Lower electricity bill- 

This one often is neglected but it is a very good reason to consider. Your newborn baby will need to be kept warm and you can’t throw bulky blankets on your newborn to keep them warm. Your newborn will have to be kept warm by using heaters on the maximum temperature. 

Spring babies can be easily put in pajamas or a swaddle and you will be ready to go. Spring months soon glide into summer and your baby will completely stop needing air heating in the summer seasons. It will save your money and you can splurge that money on extra cute babywear.

Fashion game on point- 

By summer it will be much safer to take your baby at the beach. There is nothing cuter than a chubby baby in summer splashing around in a tiny swimsuit and a big sun hat. Having a spring baby will also mean that your Postpartum wardrobe will consist of spring and summer clothes that suit the post-baby body perfectly.

You can even wear matching dresses with your baby. You may not be able to start wearing swimsuit yet but you can easily carry off beautiful long and flowing summer dresses.


Coolest astrological signs- 

Spring babies will have Aries, Gemini, or Tauras as their astrological sign. These signs are considered to be fun and awesome ones. These signs typically grow up to be smart, cool, creative, and charming people.

You will get an entire summer to enjoy- 

By the time summer rolls in, your baby will be out of that newborn phase and you can take your baby to the beach and watch him/her splash around in the water. It also becomes less scary to run errands with your baby once they are out of that newborn phase. Having a spring baby means you will have almost five months of blue and sunny sky along with long warm days.

Sleep trained by winter- 

Your baby will have a sleeping schedule once it becomes four to five months old. It will be easier to deal with a baby who does not have a completely erratic sleeping schedule. 

The birth month will align with the academic year beginning- 

By the time your newborn reaches the age of joining schools, it will also be the beginning of the academic year. They won’t either be the youngest or the oldest in their class. You won’t have to worry about deciding when to put your baby in school because of them having the perfect birth month.


Having a baby any time of the year is a blessing. That being said, having a baby in the spring is considered to be the biggest blessing by most of the parents. It makes life so much easier by providing you with the perfect weather. Spring also helps new mothers to get exercise by allowing them to take long walks with their newborns. 

It makes dealing with postpartum depression much easier and it also helps to shed up some baby weight. You will potentially have a baby with the coolest astrological signs. You won’t have to worry about your baby getting sick all the time. It just makes your life all-around positive and easier.

Here are some important FAQs about having baby in Spring

When should I start trying to conceive if I want a spring baby?

Couples generally try to start the baby-making process in early June or July to ensure that they have a spring baby.

When will be my first week of pregnancy if I have a spring baby?

To have a spring baby, you will get pregnant by June, July, or August. So you should have the first week of your pregnancy in one of those months.

If I have a spring baby when will be my first trimester?

If you have a spring baby then your first trimester will approximately cover the entire patio season. You won’t be able to have any alcohol at your neighbor’s barbecue. You won’t be able to attend any music festival or any outdoor party. But don’t worry you are not missing out on much because you will probably be nauseous in your first trimester. So it’s better to avoid the parties.

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