158+ Wizard and Witch Names for Baby Meaning, Origin, And Popularity (Generator)

Naming your little one is a magical experience, and we’ve got just the enchanting names to make it special.

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or just love unique names, join us in exploring simple and magical options inspired by wizards and witches. Let’s find the perfect name that adds a touch of enchantment to your baby’s journey!

Top 5 Famous Wizards and Witches! (All-Time)

Albus DumbledoreHeadmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hermione GrangerWitch, Member of the Golden Trio
MerlinLegendary Wizard
Gandalf the GreyWizard in “The Lord of the Rings”
Morgana Le FaySorceress in Arthurian Legend
My Experience

I grew up loving Albus Dumbledore from Hogwarts; his wisdom in magic left a lasting impression on my childhood.

Wizards and Witches Named in Pop Culture – Famous Characters (All Time)

NamePop Culture Reference
Harry PotterTitle character in the “Harry Potter” series
Elphaba ThroppProtagonist in the novel “Wicked” and musical “Wicked”
Gandalf the GreyWizard in “The Lord of the Rings”
Sabrina SpellmanTeenage witch in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”
MaleficentVillain in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”
Fun Fact

Harry Potter isn’t just a character; he’s a cultural phenomenon, reshaping the world of modern wizardry in literature and film.

Wizard and Witch Name Combinations with Middle Names

Full Name Nickname
Merlin AlexanderAlexrin
Morgana RoseRosgana
Albus TheodoreTheobus
Luna SeraphinaSeruna
Oberon LuciusLuciberon
My Experience

In our family, Luna Seraphina goes by ‘Seruna,’ adding a touch of enchantment to her name.

Wizard and Witch names based on Magical Traits or Abilities

NameMagical Trait/Ability
Seraphina EnchantoraEnchanting Powers
Orion ShadowcasterShadow Manipulation
Isadora FireweaverFire Spellcasting
Percival DreamweaverDream Manipulation
Rowena StormcallerStorm Conjuring
Fun Fact

Discover ‘Seraphina Enchantora,’ a name that not only signifies enchanting powers but also adds mystique and allure to the magical world.

Siblings-Inspired Wizard and Witch Names (For Siblings)

Sibling NamesNickname (That pair)
Merlin & MorganaMerlana
Albus & LunaLunabus
Hermione & RonHermion
Elphaba & GalindaElphinda
Gandalf & ArwenArwalf
My Experience

My friends, Albus and Luna, named their kids Albus & Luna, creating the magical duo ‘Lunabus.’ Creative combinations make family bonds even more special.

Famous Wizard and Witch Names in Mythology and Folklore

Mythological/Folkloric ThemeNickname
Circe in Greek MythologyCircea
Merlin in Arthurian LegendMerlina
Baba Yaga in Slavic FolkloreBabalon
Morgan le Fay in Arthurian LegendFaygana
Hecate in Greek MythologyHecatius
Fun Fact

Dive into mythology with ‘Circea,’ inspired by Circe in Greek Mythology, a powerful enchantress and a fascinating figure in ancient Greek tales of magic.

Unique Wizard and Witch Names for Baby

Discover enchanting names for your little magic bundle! From whimsical wizard names like Merlin Moonshadow to mystical witch names like Luna Spellfire, choose a unique and spellbinding moniker that will cast a lifelong charm on your baby.

  • Lucius Frostbinder
  • Arwen Shadowglen
  • Zephyr Mooncaster
  • Elara Emberlight
  • Caspian Darkmoon
  • Lyra Starshaper
  • Sylvan Shadowbrook
  • Isolde Frostshaper
  • Tarquin Emberforge
  • Aria Twilightweaver
  • Thistle Moonwhisper
  • Elowen Stormwatcher
  • Leander Starfall
  • Merlin Moonshadow
  • Luna Spellfire
  • Alaric Starcaster
  • Seraphina Mysticflame
  • Thorne Shadowweaver
  • Selene Frostwhisper
  • Oberon Stormcaller
  • Morgana Nightshade
  • Orion Frostspell
  • Rowan Emberstorm
  • Sable Stardust
  • Draco Moonspell
  • Celestia Stormrider

Cute Wizard and Witch Names for Baby

  • Neville
  • Oberon
  • Percival
  • Quinlan
  • Radley
  • Sirius
  • Thaddeus
  • Ulysses
  • Virgil
  • Walden
  • Xander
  • Yarrow
  • Zephyr
  • Amara
  • Bellatrix
  • Celestia
  • Dahlia
  • Elara
  • Faye
  • Gwendolyn
  • Hazel
  • Isolde
  • Juniper
  • Kaida
  • Luna
  • Morgana
  • Alaric
  • Barnaby
  • Cedric
  • Dorian
  • Elwin
  • Finnian
  • Gilbert
  • Horatio
  • Ignatius
  • Jasper
  • Klaus
  • Lysander
  • Mortimer

Cool Wizard and Witch Names for Baby

Wizard NamesWitch Names

Modern Wizard and Witch Names for Baby

Seraphina Ravenwood

Morgana Misthaven

Isolde Shadowmoon

Rowan Wispwillow

Celestia Nightshade

Vivienne Emberwitch

Sabrina Stormspell

Selene Stardust

Rhiannon Frostfern

Elara Moonfire

Thalia Embermoon

Serilda Stoneheart

Lilith Stormcaster

Ravenna Moonshadow

Morgaine Fireweaver

Caelia Starlight

Alaric Shadowcaster

Orion Stormweaver

Merlin Embercloak

Thaddeus Frostfall

Zephyr Nightshade

Finnian Starlighter

Percival Thunderforge

Lucius Moonwhisper

Oberon Firestorm

Ignatius Stonemyst

Elric Skyweaver

Cedric Spellbinder

Eamon Frostheart

Lysander Moonshroud

Sorin Sunfire

Evander Stormrider

Best Wizard and Witch Names for Baby

  • Seraphina
  • Rowan
  • Morgana
  • Celestia
  • Isolde
  • Thalia
  • Vivienne
  • Elara
  • Marigold
  • Selene
  • Serenity
  • Ondine
  • Rhiannon
  • Calliope
  • Merlin
  • Alaric
  • Thorne
  • Elowen
  • Oberon
  • Finnian
  • Isidore
  • Sylvanus
  • Percival
  • Ambrose
  • Lysander
  • Corwin
  • Ignatius
  • Leander
  • Morrigan
  • Aria
  • Evadne
  • Lavinia
  • Elara
  • Cressida
  • Calista
  • Sorcha
  • Circe
  • Lyra
  • Persephone
  • Zephyrine
  • Titania
  • Sabrina

Wizard and Witch Names For Baby

Wizard NamesMeaningWitch NamesMeaning
AlaricRuler of AllMorganaEnchanting
MerlinSea FortressSeraphinaFiery, Winged
ThaddeusCourageous HeartIsoldeFair Lady
ElowenElm TreeOberonNoble Bear
FinnianFair, WhiteRowanLittle Red-haired one
LysanderLiberatorSabrinaFrom the Border
AmbroseImmortalSeleneMoon Goddess
PercivalPierces the ValleyHecateGoddess of Magic
CasimirProclaims PeaceSerildaArmed Maiden
OrionHunterNimueLady of the Lake


Choosing wizard and witch-inspired names for your baby adds a touch of magic to their identity. Whether it’s Merlin’s wisdom or the charm of Morgan, these names create a captivating story for your little one. Give your child a name that sparks wonder and possibilities, casting a lifelong spell of uniqueness and enchantment.

Wizard and Witch Names for Baby Generator

Wizard and Witch Names for Baby Generator

Choosing wizard and witch names for babies adds a touch of magic to parenting. Embrace enchanting monikers like Merlin, Morgana, and more

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