Know About Coping Asthma During Pregnancy

Being pregnant as well as asthmatic can be harmful for both the mother and child. During pregnancy, it is essential to control and treat asthma correctly.

When asthma is uncontrolled or poorly treated during pregnancy, it can bring a lot of complications like premature birth, high blood pressure, cesarean delivery, and compromised development of the fetus. If the situation gets serious, then the life of the unborn baby can be at risk. 

How To Cope Up With Asthma During Pregnancy 

  • Talk to your doctor to get safe and effective medication for asthma during pregnancy. 
  • Allergy shots can assist in reducing asthma.
  • The doctor will recommend a particular test to monitor the movement and growth of the baby. 
  • Ensure that you go to the clinic after an attack to check the movement of the baby.
  • Try to avoid potential triggers of asthma attacks like smoking, exercising, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Try to avoid catching flu or influenza during this time, as it can make the symptoms worse. 

Ways To Deal With Asthma During Pregnancy 

Even during pregnancy, the asthma condition may worsen or improve depending on the severity of the situation before pregnancy. If you want to ensure the unborn child’s safety and give birth to a healthy baby, you need to take precautions for your asthma condition.

Asthma Medication 

Medications can cause threats or risks in your pregnancy. This is one of the primary causes of pregnant women being worried about their condition and whether their medication will affect their unborn baby.

It does not indicate that if you have asthma and are a pregnant woman, then you cannot give birth to a healthy child or have a healthy pregnancy. You just need to control the symptoms and avoid it from becoming worse. Choose medications that will be highly safe.

When you are suffering from breathing difficulties, it indicates that the baby is not getting enough oxygen. You can also use an inhaler along with medications during pregnancy.

When you have recommended medications and use the inhaler, it will help the lungs perform better and reduce the chances of asthmatic attacks. It is your responsibility to consider many things before pregnancy so that you do not suffer later on. 

Why are asthma medications so crucial during pregnancy? 
Consult the doctor to see which asthma medication won’t pose any threat to your pregnancy. 

One can also use an inhaler. 

Medication and inhaler together will reduce the frequency of asthmatic attacks. 

Allergy Shots

Pregnant women who have asthma and have started to take allergy shots before they conceived can continue taking them even after getting pregnant. The main aim is to control asthma symptoms. However, allergy shots can be highly harmful.

For a pregnant woman with asthma, you need to consult an allergist or immunologist to find the most effective and safest allergy medication. 

Special Tests 

If you are a pregnant woman with severe to mild asthma symptoms or if the condition is uncontrolled, you need to visit the doctor to see if you need to go through any special test. The doctor will ask you to do certain types of tests like an ultrasound that will help check the baby’s growth and activity. 

Asthma can affect expectant mothers, so it is essential to go through special tests to build an effective plan for controlling asthma attacks. The doctor will record the fetus’s movement to see if its activities and movement are decreasing with time. As a husband, you need to take the ideal care of your partner.

If the child’s activity decreases after the asthma attack, then you should visit a doctor immediately. 

Why are special tests important?
Special tests are important to see if the baby’s growth and activity are normal after an asthmatic attack. 

Special tests help to control asthmatic attacks. 

Ultrasound is a part of a special test to check the fetus’s movement.

Protect The Unborn Child From Asthma’s Impact 

It is essential to keep your asthma condition in control during pregnancy to remove the negative impact on the unborn child. You can talk to your doctor to find the safest and most effective asthma plan, like picking the right medication for asthma, keeping track of the asthma triggers that can worsen your symptoms, etc. 

Even after the child’s birth, you should continue taking the same asthma medication that you were taking during asthma. Ask your doctor whether the medication is safe if you are breastfeeding. 

Try to avoid complications, smoking, asthma triggers, take medications, visit the doctor for prenatal appointments, control your gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, etc. 

How to protect the unborn baby from asthmatic attack?
Track the asthmatic triggers to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

Ask the doctor whether the same asthma medication is safe to consume while breastfeeding the baby. 

Control chronic gastric and other issues related to gastric. 


One can suffer from flu during pregnancy after the asthmatic attack. Always try to prevent influenza or flu with the help of medications or flu vaccines. 

Lung Function 

When you are pregnant, the doctor will monitor the lung functions to see if the fetus is getting an ample amount of oxygen. During the time of pregnancy, asthma can become severe for many women. A peak flow meter or spirometer is used to check lung functions. After every 28 days, the movement of the fetus must be monitored. 

Make sure that you plan the maternity leave well in advance.

Involve Pulmonologist

You should consult a reputed pulmonologist along with an obstetrician. You need to provide all the information to the pulmonologist regarding your medical history and past treatment for allergies so that they can come up with a treatment that can help prevent or reduce the frequency of asthmatic attacks, which can cause harm to the fetus. 

Why is visiting a pulmonologist important? 
They will analyze your medical history to treat asthma.

 Pulmonologists will help to reduce the frequency of asthmatic attacks.

 Changes during pregnancy can worsen the asthmatic attack’s intensity so a pulmonologist will provide treatment accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to Cope With Asthma During Pregnancy

Can asthma during pregnancy lead to miscarriage?

If your asthma is controlled, then it won’t cause much of a problem. If it is uncontrolled, it will lead to severe complications like premature delivery, toxemia, high blood pressure, and sometimes death. 

Why asthma becomes worse during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there is a chance that you will deal with acid reflux. When the stomach acid travels to the throat, then it will make your asthma condition worse. 

Can I give natural birth if I have asthma?

Mostly, women will try to opt for a vaginal birth. If your asthma has worsened or you are worried about this condition, you can talk to your doctor. They will help you with your queries. If you want to opt for a planned caesarian, they will arrange it for you.

Final Thoughts

While planning your pregnancy or after getting pregnant, you need to take care of your asthma condition to reduce its impact on the unborn baby. When you are continually monitoring and checking the symptoms, it will ensure a smooth pregnancy even if you have asthma. 

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