10 Tips to Growing Great Families

Family is a huge umbrella term that has many offshoots and is built with great sacrifices and understanding. The famous proverb ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, builds the foundations of growing a great family.

Your children are your replica so they tend to be a little version of you and your hubby. The bond that you build with them will be everlasting. If there is a slight speck that destroys the peace in your family, then you have an onlooker who’s watching each movement of yours.

It’s a great feeling to have a loving family, and the warmth itself turns to be the strength. 

What are all the amazing traits of an amazing family?

  • Trust and Communication
  • Love and respect for each other
  • Empathy
  • Fun and family time together
  • Adaptability
  • Discipline and rules 
  • Understanding the differences 
  • Faithfulness

Tips to Grow a Great Family 

Children who are raised with peace at home usually grow up to be very solved and successful. It gets difficult for you and your partner to be there always for your children when the two of you are juggling with work, home management, and parenthood. How do you maintain the balance and still raise good kids with a strong family bond?

Communication to strengthen family ties

You cannot build a solid foundation of a strong family bond if you don’t communicate. There has to be an individual one to one conversation to understand the difficulty of your partner, your younger ones or yourself. Ease out among family members and speak your heart out that has been aching your back for a long time. 

Be open to respect each others’ feelings and keep aside all the work that you have been doing and listen to what the other person has to say. Your teenage son or daughter might have something important to share so you need to be a great listener to give apt advice. Let each member of your family feel important and then see how communication does wonder. Ensure that you are dealing with your naughty one sensibly as well. 

Your family should be the best team

Make sure that you put in the minds of your younger ones that your family is a team and a synonym that is united. Contribution in the least important work of the household also matters a lot. Work as a team who is capable to deal with every hurdle with the distribution of work. Let’s take it for household chores, one person should not be burdened with it. 

There should be an ambiance of voluntary help even in the slightest of the task. Involvement and contribution to a particular work make you feel important, and your child will obviously take note of that.

Set Family Rules

There needs to be discipline and certain rules in a family. If you follow those set of rules then your children will adopt it and pass it on to the next generation. By ‘rules’,  it means a correct form of trend and tradition that needs to be implicated for better growth of the family. 

There will be certain customs that a family follows like greeting each other in the morning, sitting together for one meal at least, respecting elders and younger ones, and many others as such. This will bring a family together and inculcate the habit of positive discipline. However, do not punish your kids a lot, that is not good. 

Include children in decision making

The youngest member of your family should also have a say on the decisions that you take. They should feel important and it’s good if you trust your children to take some decisions all by themselves. Children can decide on a family get together and put forward a plan. 

You can ponder over the possibilities and give a required nod to it. Let them have a say on the choice of clothes, the food they want to avoid, or walk back from school or even take a ride. Let them decide on joining a gym or going swimming. These trivial matters and decisions with mutual trust and understanding will make the family bond intact. 

Appreciation and Acknowledgement

It’s good to feel appreciated. Take the time out to attend each other’s events like sports, drama, or any other form of participation. It is good to include the entire family in being a part of such occasions. Family appreciation is a great boost to reach higher. 

Again, the differences in interest are normal so you need to learn and teach your children to acknowledge the differences. Let the siblings help each other and appreciate the effort they have made, even if that is not too big. 

Share family stories

It’s always good to listen to stories that are related to your family. Your grandmother who survived luxuriously with the minimum expenses, old house and rules then, funny incidents, and many such tales that revives the memory of family members. Let your child listen to those stories and imagine the events.

Stories of helping each other in distress, achieving greatness at school, and helping the mother at home could be familiar stories to strengthen the bond.

Express love

You need to show your little ones that you really care for them and no matter what, you stand with them. Your words and even non-verbal expression with cuddles, hugs, and kisses will do wonder. Unexpressive love is often misunderstood.

You need to show the care and concern to reciprocate that with the best results. Let your child learn the same and it is good to express the love that is genuine.

Good Quality Time

It is always good to find time for family activities. Plan an outing together like a family dinner or a picnic nearby. Celebrate birthday and exchange small gifts to appreciate the person’s existence.

Sit together in the house to discuss important matters and engage all the members of the family in conversations. It’s good to spend time together as you are beading momentous memories.

Accept the Change

Family is not only meant to be together in happy times, but the toughest test is taken when the members get caught in trouble. Let’s speak about financial challenges or medical problems, there can be various changes that need to be accepted in such a scenario.

You may come across challenging times but when you and your family are standing in the same line to face it then it gets easier to find a solution. You need the accept the difficulties that may come with financial loss and not complain about it.

Be the role model

Your child watches you while growing up so what he does is eventually a reflection of your own actions. Your anger management skills, dealing with conflict, and time management is keenly observed by the kids.

You and your partner should stand tall to live up to those standards of mutual respect, love, empathy, sacrifice, and understanding if you want to grow a healthy family. Your children will obviously grow up to be like you. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Growing Great Families

1. Is it good to express anger within a family?

It is natural to feel angry and you can have no control over this emotion. But how healthily you express it, counts the way of the consequences. Never suppress your emotions but try and express it within a family without destroying the peace.

2. How do people create a dysfunctional family?

Love that comes with conditions, abusive members, blaming each other, and poor communication breaks the family toes and creates a dysfunctional family.

3. Is it good to focus only on the good growth of kids to have a great family bonding?

Most couples face trouble when they put their kids above everything. It is mandatory to keep your marriage and relationship first, as you’re your kids are going to grow up and have a love of their own. You need to build up a strong relationship with your partner which jas to be kept above everything.


Good growing families are involved in healthy activities. They spend quality time with each other and love to talk to each other rather than talking about it. It’s always good to have great family growth as it enhances and encourages a person’s overall personality.

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