11 Tips to Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation is a worldwide problem for pregnant women. It is an inconvenience that needs to be rectified or else it can lead to hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, and abdominal pain. The body waste that accumulates inside causes extreme uneasiness and the pressure and force exerted during defecation can lead to severe abdominal pain.

What results to pregnancy constipation?

  • Morning sickness and reduced appetite
  • Changes in hormones 
  • Changes in diet
  • Vitamin and Iron supplements
  • Minimum Physical Exercise
  • Anxiety and Mood swings.

Pregnancy expedites the process of constipation as the increasing level of progesterone hormones in the body leads to the slowing down of muscles. This results in indigestion and slowing down digestion. 

Tips to Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy 

There are a lot of reasons that cause constipation during pregnancy but how do we restrict this discomfort? Let’s look at the problems first then reason out a solution that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. 

Walking and Freehand Exercises

You need to get your food digested ad pregnancy slows down the process of digestion. Just go for a half an hour walk or follow a free hand basic exercise which needs minimal effort. This can assist in making the stool movement proper.

Fluid intake

Hot water and lemon, fruit juices, vegetable juices or any form of liquid, even regular water intake about 8 to 110-sunglasses would considerably help you with digestion. Fluids help your solid food to move quickly through your digestive tract making it easier for your stool to pass.

You need to include fluid in your diet and regularly keep track of consuming it to prevent constipation. After you have reached the 10th week of pregnancy, you have to be more cautious. 

Increase your Fiber

Aim for 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day. A fiber-rich diet is extremely essential for the well being of an expecting mother. Whole-grain bread and cereal, beans, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, green veggies, kiwi contains natural laxative to digest your food. 

Plan your mealtime

You need to consider eating smaller meals throughout the day. Avoid eating too much which causes discomfort and difficulty in getting your food digested. Eat less but around six to seven times a day. This will help you to avoid bloating and constipation.

Warm Bath

Warm baths are always helpful. It is extremely essential to be comfortable with your body with growing changes due to pregnancy. Keep your body relaxed and stress-free.

Magnesium Rich Food

Dark chocolate, spinach, nuts, and fish are rich in magnesium. It makes your stool easier and softer to pass. Add the contents of magnesium in your to prevent constipation.

Herbal remedies

Dandelion or mallow tea made from the leaves of the plants can be steeped and boiled in water. Daily consumption of herbal tea once a day can ease out constipation. Senna is also a traditional cure to constipation which gets a green tick for pregnant ladies. 

Adjust your iron supplement

Iron supplement contributes to constipation so you need to speak to your midwife about providing a different form of the supplement. You can decide on taking iron-rich food and taking the supplement on alternate days to get rid of constipation.

You need to consult your midwife while deciding this. Understand in detail about fertility supplements for conception as well. 


Laxatives should be used under the supervision of your physician. Laxatives help to get a cure from chronic constipation. There are chances of getting bowel cramp so it should be consumed only after discussing its pros and cons.


Massage relieves the pain of constipation. Use the flat of your finger and massage lightly in your abdomen towards the clockwise direction. This will keep your stomach muscles relaxed and your digestive tract in order.

Use the toilet while in urge

Pregnancy makes your body huge and inactive. You will be bored to get up and use the washroom so this leads to the accumulation of heaviness within you. Always use the washroom when you have the urge to go without thinking twice. Do not put it off else it leads to bowel problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy

1. Which medicines are safe for women during pregnancy?

Stool softening medicines can be taken only under the supervision of a midwife. Laxative medicines have the danger of causing miscarriage as it causes uterine contractions.

2. Can constipation affect the baby during pregnancy?

Constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, and irritation in you but it definitely doesn’t cause any serious ailment to the baby.

3. Which is the best exercise to prevent constipation?

Pelvic floor exercises are helpful to get away from constipation. Keep your body active and walk for at least 30 minutes in a day to keep your system healthy.


Constipation is a common problem for pregnant women and also lactating mothers. It gets problematic due to your adjusting hormonal changes and restrictions on taking of various medicines. It is always encouraged to have a fiber-rich diet and drink plenty of fluids to stay healthy and distant from constipation.

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