10th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

Congratulations on reaching week 10! This week marks the milestone of 1 quarter of your pregnancy. Only a few weeks are left in the first trimester. This is a big week for your baby because it will officially graduate into a fetus from an embryo. Your baby has started to grow bigger and is now starting to look like a little human baby with each passing day.

You are also very close to leaving the terrible pregnancy symptoms of the trimester.

10th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

What can you expect in the 10th week of pregnancy?

  • Frequent urination is one of the problems that you might face.
  • You might feel nausea and fatigue, especially in the morning.
  • Mood swings are the new development. 
  • Food craving can happen at any time of the day. 

Common pregnancy symptoms in week 10

Unfortunately, even in week 10, the symptoms of the previous weeks will probably continue to persist. By now the blood volume in your body has already increased and soon you may notice veins appearing in your breast and on your abdomen. You may gain a few pounds this week, but not if your morning sickness and nausea are continuing.

10th week pregnancy symptoms

A lot of changes are happening in your body to accommodate this new growing life inside you. The common symptoms often include

Round ligament pain

This is just a fancy term used to describe the growing pains in your belly. This pain is caused by stretching and thinning of the ligaments that support your abdomen. Your belly starts expanding, to accommodate for the expansion of the uterus, and getting heavier; this weight pulls on the ligaments and causes sharp pains. 

Some expecting mothers don’t notice them while others find them extremely powerful. Chances of round ligament pain are higher if you are pregnant with twins. Try to stay off your feet and get comfortable. Let your doctor know if you find these pains very intense. 

Growing breasts 

You will notice that your breasts have gotten fuller by the end of this week. This is because, over the last few weeks, your breasts have been preparing for breastfeeding.

Morning sickness

Your nausea and vomiting are probably persisting but the good news is that they are likely to reduce in the second trimester. Never miss a meal because they will intensify nausea. Acupressure band, ginger, and ginger ale, etc often help to reduce nausea.


Your body is working harder than ever to help your baby grow. You may not be getting enough sleep and you may probably also be having some strange dreams. Worry not for you will start to feel less tired from the next trimester. This week, try to ask for help from your friends and family and get as much rest as you can. Go for walks and practice moderate exercises to help sleep better.

Increase in vaginal discharge and frequent urination

This bodily fluid or vaginal discharge, known as Leukorrhea, is thin and milky in texture. An increase in estrogen produces this fluid. This discharge protects the vaginal birth canal from any bacterial infection. Refrain from washing it away. However, if this discharge is colored, bloody, has a bad odor or if it causes discomfort, consult your doctor. 

Due to the expansion of your uterus, your bladder has to bear more pressure. Hormonal changes also cause a frequent urge to urinate.

Mood swings

You are probably on a roller coaster ride of emotions right now and it is due to the hormonal changes in your body.

Visible veins 

The increased blood volume in your body will cause blue-ish veiny streaks on your breasts and abdomen. These veins are responsible for taking blood and essential nutrients to your baby. They tend to disappear after pregnancy. 

Food cravings 

You are probably still experiencing nausea which is keeping your weight low. Don’t worry about your baby’s nutritional requirements as they are very little at this point and is already being met. Try to keep your food cravings in check. You may indulge in some chocolate but if your food cravings intensify, try to distract yourself by calling a friend, reading a book, or going for a walk. 


By the end of this week, you may start getting dizzy because of increased blood volume in your body. Try to lie down whenever you start to feel light-headed to prevent any accidents. Munch on healthy snacks and stay hydrated to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Bloating and indigestion

These symptoms will continue to persist in this week. To prevent indigestion, don’t lie down right after having a big meal. Always use pillows to keep your head up while sleeping. Avoid foods that make you gassy.

10th week pregnancy tips

Fetal development at week 10

This week your baby has become an embryo from a fetus. This means your baby has graduated to a different phase of development and. Now that your baby is a fetus, all the essential organs and body parts of your baby have been formed and they have started to grow and develop. 

The nose and eyes are now taking recognizable shape. Its outer ears are moving to its actual spot and soon your baby will be able to hear your voice. The skin of your baby is now translucent. Your baby is now properly digesting food and has even started peeing amniotic fluids.

Tooth buds of your baby have started to develop under its gums. The bones and cartilages of your baby will be fully formed this week. Your baby’s fingers and toes are no longer webbed. The knees and ankles have started to take proper shape. The tiny arm of your baby has fully formed and is now capable of flexing and movement. Your baby can now close its growing eyelids and the eyes can probably react to lights.

Size of your baby

Your baby is now almost the size of a strawberry or a prune. Your baby is almost one and a half inches long now and weighs around 4 grams. Your baby is going to grow double the size it is now in no time. 

Pregnant belly at week 10

Now would be a good time to indulge in some retail therapy and buying some maternity clothing. The size of your uterus has now expanded from the size of a pear to that of an orange. In case you were worried about your baby bump not showing, you will probably be relieved now because it has started to show a little bit. However, it is still very small, and only by the end of week 12 will it start moving upward. 

Doctors generally recommend expecting mothers with normal BMI to gain around 1 to 4 Pounds during the first trimester. So if you have gained only a few pounds then you are doing great. In case you haven’t gained any weight, don’t worry because very soon you will.

10 weeks ultrasound

As the first prenatal checkup happens between week 8 and week 12, chances are you have either had your check-up already or will soon be having it. 

If you have your ultrasound in your 10th week, you will be able to see movements of your baby’s arms and legs. You will also be able to hear a very strong heartbeat of your baby. In week 10 your doctor will probably discuss your first-trimester genetic testing. The tests are of 2 types: diagnostic type tests and screening tests. Screening tests check for the probability of birth defects and diagnostic ones predict with almost 99% certainty if the baby will have any disorder. Some of the suggested tests are call-free DNA testing, Chorionic Villus Sampling, etc.

These tests are often recommended if you are older than 35, have suffered from any miscarriages, or if your family has any history of genetic abnormalities. 

Between week 10 and week 14, an NT scan may be performed. During this procedure, the doctor uses ultrasound to determine the baby’s risk of suffering from Down syndrome. Blood tests are used to check for genetic disorders. Some parents also opt for gender determination in their first-trimester screening.

Sex Life at week 10

You may experience an increase in libido which will make you desire sex. However, if you are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms like painful cramps or breast soreness then don’t pressurize yourself. Only do the things that are pleasurable for you. 

10th week pregnancy expectation

Tips and reminders for week 10

  • If you haven’t already revealed your pregnancy to your friends and family then you may start doing that now. 
  • Don’t forget your first-trimester screening. 
  • Get yourself some comfortable and stretchable maternity clothing. Get yourself padded footwear which will be comfortable for your swelling foot.
  •  The exciting time of thinking about your baby’s potential means and thinking of nursery ideas has finally come. 
  • Eat well and eat fresh. Try adding mangoes to your diet for that Vitamin A and C. Also add oatmeal and eggs to provide nourishment to your baby.
  •  Listen to your body and try to get enough rest. 
  • You can start documenting your growing baby bump from now on. You will be able to create your pregnancy album later if you take photos regularly from now until your baby comes.
  • Hydrate yourself with lots of water and get moderate exercise. 
  • Some women experience oral problems due to pregnancy hormones. It may be helpful to get a dental appointment.


You only have a few more weeks to go, and then, you are going to be a mom! You might be scared and anxious but as long as you are taking the right medicines and doing everything your doctor has advised you to do, both your baby and you will be safe. Happy motherhood!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months is week 10?

Week 10 marks completion of 2 months and 2 weeks, the first trimester is still on. 

How many weeks to go?

Only 30 months to go.

Can I hear my baby’s heartbeat?

Yes, if you get your first ultrasound in week 10. You will hear very fast, almost twice than yours, heartbeats of your baby.

Can I feel the baby’s movement at week 10?

Your baby has started moving the tiny arms and jerking the legs but you will probably not be able to feel them yet.

When to call the doctor?

You should call your doctor if you experience severe nausea, bleeding, severe cramps, and blood tined discharge or odor. Seek medical help if you feeling overwhelmed by your pregnancy or suffering from anxiety.

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