13th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

Congratulations! You are on yourfinal days of the first trimester and you have come a long way! You are officially now in your 3rd month and just 6 more months to go for your little one or ones to see the light of the world.

Isn’t it so exciting? A few weeks back you couldn’t understand the changes that were going with you and you were confused and stressed about what was going on.

13th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

Your risk of miscarriage is also decreasing, so you can stop stressing on that. This week is about to bring certain changes that you have been wanting for the past few weeks and here is a list of things that you will be expecting this week. Let’s start without further delay!

What can you expect in the 13th Week?

  • Your baby is growing constantly, so you will experience a plethora of changes right now.
  • Your baby bump is starting to get prominent with each passing day.
  • Dehydration can be your new companion, so stay hydrated.
  • Sleep more to give the necessary level of energy to your body. 

Your Body

Gradually your waistline is thickening and your baby bump is becoming prominent. You might feel uncomfortable fitting into your regular trousers, so now is the time to get yourself your favorite maternity clothes that you have been eagerly waiting to buy.

Your Baby Growth

13th week pregnancy symptoms
  • The size of your baby is approximately the size of a lemon or a peapod now. 
  • Your baby’s intestines which were initially forming in the umbilical cord are gradually moving to the abdomen.
  • The tissues that were forming around your baby’s head, arms, and legs are gradually forming into bones. Your baby’s skeleton structure is starting to develop.
  • Your baby still looks like an alien with the head covering almost 50% of the body. But, within a few more weeks your baby will be of the proportionate size.

Twin development

By this time, you are frustrated as you are not being able to fit into your favorite jeans with your belly popping out. Your babies ideally are 4 inches in size and weigh just about an ounce each.


Increased energy: Your body got three months to adjust to pregnancy and hence you are feeling a little less tired now. And you should be happy to know that during your second trimester, which is also called the ‘honeymoon period’ most of the trouble-making symptoms will fade. The best thing to do now is channeling the excess energy into your work-out routine.

Round ligament pain: During this time, your uterus has no cool! It’s growing rapidly and you can feel the top of it just near your pelvic bone. This will cause lower abdominal pains which will restrict your sudden movements. This pain is called the ’round ligament pain.’ This is natural but if the pain results in excessive bleeding and fever, call your doctor immediately.

Leaky Breasts: You are pretty frustrated with your large and sensitive breasts now. They are preparing for breastfeeding once your baby is born. From the very early stages of the second trimester, your breast will be producing a yellowish thick sticky liquid which is also known as the Colostrum. Colostrum is the initial stage of breast milk. You’ll find your breasts leaking now and then and this is normal during pregnancy.

Food cravings and aversions: You have been experiencing this since from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Do not be hard on yourself and eat what suits your taste buds. Maintain an appealing healthy diet. Give in sometimes and have your favorite junk foods.

Heartburn and Indigestion: You have kind of got used to it though it may be a bit frustrating. But, this is natural during this period. The best way to tackle your heartburn and indigestion is to cut down on foods that have high-fat content and drinks with high caffeine content.

Constipation: Your pregnancy hormones have been pretty notorious and have also relaxed your bowel muscles, which makes it difficult to let go of the waste from the body. Try having high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluids.

Visible veins: The increased blood supply in your body has made your veins visible and that is a good thing during pregnancy. The blood is carrying the necessary nutrients for your baby. But nothing to worry, the veins will fade after giving birth.

13th week pregnancy expectations

Tips for this week’s pregnancy

Keep a check on your prenatal vitamins

Taking your prenatal vitamins now is very essential for the growth of your baby’s nervous system and spinal cord. Whole grains, green leafy vegetables, beans, bananas, broccoli, and milk are rich with folic acid which helps in your baby’s nourishment. 

You should take around 400 mcg of folic acid before pregnancy and 6oo mcg during your pregnancy. Make sure, your prenatal vitamins contain the required amount.

Calcium is a must

Calcium is the building blocks for your baby’s skeleton system. Having a good amount of calcium now will not only help your baby grow but also prevent you from having osteoporosis.

Maintaining hygiene

Exposure to germs may lead to a miscarriage or stillbirth. You must remember to wash your vegetables and fruits before consuming them. Keep your kitchen and house well sanitized. Wash your hands frequently and make sure you are not exposed to extreme temperatures which may cause fever, flu, etc.

Iron-rich foods

The more you eat iron the more blood will your body generates and it will help your baby grow. Have iron-rich foods like beef, duck, soy products, spinach, and dried fruits. 

Eat your fruit with the skin on

Having your fruits like apples with skin on and it will help you with your constipation.

Smaller meals, please

Have six small meals instead of three big ones as it will reduce the chances of indigestion and constipation.


Workout regularly. Walking, swimming, jogging, yoga, and light weights are okay as long as it is not stressing you much.

Do not have these

  • Raw seafood
  • Undercooked meats
  • Unwashed fruits and vegetables
  • Raw eggs
  • Caffeine and Alcohol
  • Seafood high in mercury

Emergency cases to call the doctor

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Spotting
  • Bleeding


Congratulations on surviving your first trimester! You are doing a great job! With the first trimester nearing its end, prepare for the next trimester which will be a relaxing period. Go shopping now and get yourself some breezy and comfortable maternity clothes.

Though the chances of miscarriage are decreasing now yet it is not completely gone. Keeping a check on your diet and maintaining hygiene is a must now. If you have not yet disclosed the good news, now is the time to do!

13th week pregnancy baby growth


How to get rid of my pregnancy constipation?

Keep yourself hydrated and have fibrous fruits and vegetables. Talk with your doctor and get yourself a stool softener.

When will I feel the baby move?

Baby’s movements are usually visible during your 7th or 8th week. But, the fluttering sensation which is also known as ‘Quickening’ can be usually felt in the 16th week.

When is the right time to break the news of my pregnancy?

It is the patient’s discretion when to tell everyone about her pregnancy. But, if you ask for an expert’s opinion, it is wise enough to wait till the 12th week before you blurt out the news, as the risk of miscarriage is less by then.

Is it safe to have coffee now?

Tackling your stress with coffee and any caffeinated drink now is not preferable now. Limit yourself to one cup daily.

Are there chances of miscarriage?

There is always a chance of miscarriage but the chances of having one now are less. That doesn’t give you the right to stop maintaining the healthy diet you are following. Being pregnant is special but at the same time, there are uncertainties too. So, do not compromise on your health and hygiene as it will, in turn, harm your baby.  

13th Week Of Pregnancy

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