19th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care Tips

Just 21 weeks more to go! You have successfully completed half of your pregnancy journey. Congratulations! This week will be full of surprises and if you haven’t been able to feel your little champ’s movements yet, now this is the time when you can feel a little fluttering sensation inside your belly!

19th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care Tips

You might as well get an ultrasound this week. You’ll be surprised to see how fast your baby’s organs are growing. Your doctor might just provide you with the estimated delivery date too! The baby’s heartbeat can be easily heard by now. You might just be able to know the sex of your baby too as the reproductive organs have already been developed.

What can you expect during the 19th week?

  • Your baby has grown quite a lot and your tummy starts showing.
  • You can feel tired almost all the time.
  • You will find it difficult to keep a check on your mood.
  • Controlling your hunger will also become difficult. 

Expected Body Changes

You are in your second trimester now and your body is adapting itself to the changes in your womb. There is a gush of energy in this trimester but you may still feel fatigued at times. You are gaining weight which is a good sign unless it is not uniform. 

Your breasts have grown at least two cup sizes more than your normal size. The linea nigra, which is basically a dark line running down the middle of the stomach from the navel appears now by this week. This will gradually fade away after the delivery.

Baby’s development

  • Your baby looks really cute now. He is as small as a mango now and weighs around 7 ounces. 
  • The kidneys are formed by now and have also started to produce urine.
  • The Nervous System is constantly developing.
  • A thin layer of hair has started to appear on the baby’s head too.
  • The soft hair that covers the baby’s body, also known as the Lanugo starts to appear.
  • An oily substance, also known as the vermix caseosa which protects the baby’s skin while growing in the womb also forms.
  • If the baby is a male, the testicles are formed by now and they have been secreting testosterone since the 10th week. The external genitalia is continuing to develop.
  •  If you are having a girl, her reproductive system has been formed already. Her vagina, uterus, and fallopian are already in their respective places. Her ovaries contain around 6 million eggs now but the numbers will gradually drop to 1 million once she is born.


These are the symptoms you will face.

Dark patches on the face

You may notice dark patches on your cheeks and forehead. This is normal during pregnancy, known as chloasma or famously called the ‘mask of pregnancy.’ Your pregnancy hormones cause this temporary pigmentation of the skin which will gradually fade after the delivery. Try avoiding your skin to be exposed to sunlight much but if you are going out wear a good sunscreen always.


Can’t control your hunger pangs? Keep away from tempting and unhealthy junk foods away from your sight and stock up with fibrous and nutritious foods instead. You are allowed to have a cheat day once in a while without compromising on your daily diet.


The digestive system slows down during pregnancy and you need to blame your pregnancy hormones again! Added iron on your medicines and supplements can worsen constipation. If you are feeling uncomfortable consult your doctor and ask for an alternative.

Round ligament pain

Your baby is growing and so is your uterus which is stretching the round ligaments. The increase in pressure can cause a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. The pain originates from one side of the hip and can gradually move to the other side. The best remedy is to rest as much as you can and not changing your position abruptly. Restrict yourself from lifting heavy things too.

Stretch marks

Most women go through the problems of stretch marks while being pregnant. These marks will develop post-pregnancy if taken proper precautions. For the time being, you can use moisturizers to give you some comfort from the dryness and itching. 


Pregnant women don’t usually experience morning sickness during the second trimester, but, if you are having, consult your doctor. Having ginger and peppermint can be a bit of relief. The best thing is to have smaller meals than having big ones at one go. To keep yourself in a light and playful mood, consider reading the best Parenting Quotes


Blood flow usually gets restricted to the brain as the growing uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels. This might make you feel dizzy or light-headed. Have adequate water and take rest whenever possible. Always make sure that you don’t hurt yourself and your baby.

Blocked nose

The pregnancy hormones will play tricks on your body now and hence; your nasal passage might swell making it difficult to breathe. If you have to blow your nose, close one nostril and blow it from the other.

Frequent Urination

Your growing uterus is pressuring on the bladder and forcing you to visit the washroom frequently. No matter how many times you have to go to the washroom, you are not allowed to compromise on your liquid diet!

Increase in weight

Your baby is growing in size and his/her weight is adding up to your body’s. The increase in the breasts is also adding up to the weight. Practice your prenatal exercises regularly and do not compromise on your diet. Call up your nutritionist to set up a diet accordingly. 

Swollen breasts

The blood flow increases to your breasts and they increase in size. The mammary glands are formed by now and there might be leakage at times too. Wear your sports bra or maternity bra always and also while sleeping.

Disturbed sleep

Your stomach is growing and is really sensitive. You can have a good night’s sleep if you usually sleep on one side but if you change position and sleep upside down or facing the ceiling, you might experience a bit of pain and can be uncomfortable. Try and cover your stomach with pillows while going to bed. 

Practice your prenatal exercises regularly and do not have coffee at all. Your frequent washroom dates will also disturb your sleep. Do not stress and practice breathing exercises to reduce your stress. Worrying and stressing about your pregnancy will add up to your sleepless nights.

Linea nigra

A dark line appears originating from the naval and moving down the abdomen. This is natural during pregnancy and gradually disappears after a few months post-delivery. 


As your stomach continues to grow due to the increase in the size of the uterus, your center of gravity shifts forward, it starts putting extra pressure on the lower back. Do not lift heavy things and keep aside your pretty heels and start wearing flats.


The pregnancy hormones were initially loosening the hair follicles and leading to hair fall. But this week, you will have shinier and fuller hair than it was before.

Tips to have a healthy pregnancy this week

  • Look out for yeast infections

You are prone to yeast infections during this stage of the pregnancy and this is the last thing you want right now! So talk with your doctor if you see symptoms or just be cautious that you don’t have one by seeking proper treatment and medication.

  • Look for childbirth classes

Though you will not be needing a childbirth class before your third trimester you start off with your research and look for vacancies. A hand on experience will prepare you both mentally and physically during the period of the first contraction and the final push. 

  • Increase your fiber intake

Drink lots of fluids and have an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits which are rich in fiber. Increase your fiber intake gradually if you are a first-timer. 

  • Have sandwiches

Is your taste buds craving for a different taste? Make yourself a tasty yet healthy sandwich with lean protein, fiber, and whole grains. Including lots of greens can also be good for your digestion and ease your constipation. Keep away from sprouts to avoid bacterial infection.

  • Small meals

Eating too much at one go will make you feel like vomiting and sick. Have six small meals instead of three one as that will keep a balance on the nutrition levels and provide better nourishment to the baby.

  • Constrain yourself to sun exposure

Chloasma or ‘mask of pregnancy’ is common during pregnancy. The more you expose your skin to direct sunlight, it will trigger your skin pigmentation more. Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and always apply a good sunscreen before going out.


The end of this week will mark your fifty percent completion of this memorable journey. You have withstood all the changes so far with a steady head and it is really commendable! Just a few more weeks and you’ll be relieved of all the pain you are going through. 

Remember, that all the pain that you are facing now will be worth it after 4 more months. Never hesitate to ask any question to your doctor. Clear all your doubts regarding your baby’s health and yours. Do not stress much and relax. Buckle up, for the next half of your pregnancy!

Here are some Important FAQs For 19th Week of Pregnancy

Is it true that I’ll be getting stretch marks?

About 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks. Stretch marks are natural during pregnancy. It shows that your skin is stretching with the increase of the uterus. Keep your skin moisturized with cocoa butter to tackle the itchy feeling from the dry skin. 

Can I take a bath in hot water or take a dip in a hot tub during my pregnancy?

Bathing in hot water or hot tubs are restricted during pregnancy. Exposure to heat can lead to neural tube damages. Bathe in moderate temperature water.

How much should I eat?

Your baby is growing quickly and he/she all the essential nutrients now. You should have an extra of 300 calories a day to meet with the demands of your baby.

What physical activities should I constrain myself from during pregnancy?

Don’t do any activity that puts pressure or hurts your abdomen. Do not indulge in any activity that increases the adrenaline levels too. Avoid taking amusement park rides and engaging in any physical contact sports.

I am farting a lot. Is it normal?

Blame your progesterone to be the reason behind the production of gas. Progesterone slows down digestion. Your ever-growing uterus is pushing your intestines to the abdomen which is also slowing down the digestion.

What medications should I avail during pregnancy?

Do not have any unprescribed medicines. Consult your doctor for the ideal prenatal vitamin for you. If you are feeling unpleasant, consult your doctor immediately.  

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