9th Week of Pregnancy- Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

Welcome to the 3rd month of the most awaited moment for all women! Just 6 more months to go for your little one to see the light of the world! First of all, congratulations for bearing up with all the changes that have been going for the last 8 weeks. You have done a commendable job!

By this week your baby has grown to a size of that of olive and is finally called the fetus. You can feel certain changes in your body that are not visible by others and quite a few unwanted changes that you are not liking. 

9th Week of Pregnancy- Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

Just hold on tight for 6 more months and you’ll be relieved. So here are the things that you will expect this week!

What can you expect in the 9th week of your pregnancy?

  • You will feel more tired in comparison to the previous weeks.
  • You can experience soreness in the breast.
  • Gaining weight continues as your baby starts growing.
  • Feeling hungry almost all the time is also common.

Changes in your Body

Given below is a list of the changes that you are going to experience this week. 

  • Your breasts increase in size, become fuller and heavier due to the enlargement of the mammary glands.
  • Your nipples become darker and tender to touch
  • You will develop a broader waistline and might have hormone-induced bloating, which will make it a bit uncomfortable to fit in your clothes.

Baby’s growth

Its the ninth week and your baby is getting bigger. Here are the changes that your little one is going through.

  • Your baby is almost the size of a cherry. 
  • The organs which had already started to appear in the 7th week are developing with each passing weak. 
  • The baby can make limited movements with his/her arm, the toes, eyelids, ears are continuing to form. 
  • You might not be able to feel the growth or any movement of your baby yet but there are maximum chances of detecting a heartbeat using a handheld Doppler ultrasound. 
  • The skeleton of the baby hardens.
  • The internal system of the baby gradually starts to form.
  • The reproductive system starts to form internally during this week.
9th week pregnancy symptoms

Twin development

If you have not been able to realize yet whether you are pregnant with multiple babies or not, this is the week when an ultrasound will confirm, if so. It is obvious for women to have many more symptoms if pregnant with multiple babies. Taking adequate rest and keeping yourself hydrated is very necessary.


The symptoms that you have been facing so far will be the same this week as the previous weeks but will aggravate from now onwards. 

Frequent urination

As your little one continues to grow, your uterus keeps on stretching to make space for the little champ (who will start to kick after a few weeks), and in turn, puts pressure on your bladder.

Do not compromise on your liquid diet just because your visit to the washroom has increased. It is difficult to get sound sleep now because for the continuous urge to pee, the only feasible thing to do is to empty your bladder. Power naps are likely to take over your beauty sleep from this week onwards.


Women are great multitaskers for sure, but now is the time to compromise a bit on the household chores and focusing on the health. A lot of biological changes are going through and your heart is pumping more blood than usual to meet up with the demands of your baby. 

Amidst all those midnight rush to the washroom and stressing on your pregnancy, you should hit the bed early now after dinner and get as much rest as possible.


Your digestive system has taken a back seat now and is busy nourishing your baby. Priorities change with time after all! It is better to avoid oily and fatty foods now except when you are having that sudden craving. Acidity, indigestion, and constipation are at a hike right now. To ease the irritation, you can chew some sugarless gum, which will neutralize the acid in your stomach. Have small meals instead of having a lot at one go.

Tender Breasts

You are probably going to regret the craving for bigger breasts now. Your breasts are not just larger, but tender and tingly too. Your mammary glands are forming now and the increased blood flow has made them very sensitive. Get yourself a good maternity bra or a sports bra and wear either of the ones while sleeping at night.

Bloating and gas

Indigestion leads to bloating and you might just explode anytime anywhere and it can be embarrassing in public. So, switch to smaller meals which won’t pressurize your digestive system. 

Mood swings

You used to face this during your periods and you are kind of used to it. Having mood swings during your pregnancy is natural. The best way to control your mood swings is to talk with your therapist or your partner and most importantly indulging in doing what you love doing and spending time with your partner.

Food cravings

Having a cheat day at times during this period is fine. Indulge yourself in your favorite scoop of ice cream or your favorite cracker. Follow a healthy diet throughout the day and maybe have something tasty once in a while. Eat what you like. Your food cravings will change with time and just go with the flow. Your partner won’t let down your demands. 

Increased hunger

Your little one is selfish now. He/she is sucking up all the nutrients from whatever you are eating to grow. Hence, you will feel hungrier. But, do not eat a lot! You’ll end up vomiting. Have 6 small meals throughout the day instead of having 3 big ones.

Uterine cramping

Your body is getting accustomed to all the rapid changes, and so you might have mild uterine cramping now. But if the cramping is more than usual call up your doctor.

Ways to combat these symptoms

  • Wear a maternity bra or a sports bra to tackle your tender and tingly breasts.
  • Drink! Drink! Drink! Not Alcohol, but water! With each passing week, your trips to the washroom are increasing but that doesn’t permit you to compromise on your liquid diet. Have plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Have fibrous vegetables and fruits.
  • Have small meals but don’t skip meals as it will make you weaker.
  • Abstain yourself from having caffeine.
  • Do not indulge much in spicy and fatty foods as it is a catalyst 
9th week pregnancy care

Follow these steps for a seamless and healthy pregnancy this week

  • Make sure you are not having undercooked meat, fish or egg. 
  • Having food with preservatives is harmful to the baby. So cut down on them.
  • Have fish not more than thrice a week. Do not have fishes with high-fat content but those fishes which are nutritious. 
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables in warm water carefully before consuming them.
  • Sanitize all your kitchen utensils daily.
  • Keep a check on your lactose intake daily.
  • Limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks to two daily.
  • Talk with your doctor and get yourself a good prenatal vitamin that is rich with DHA and EPA.
  • ‘Smoking is injurious to health.’ So, don’t smoke! Smoking increases the risk of a miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Abstain yourself from having alcohol- it is poison for your baby.

Emergency cases to call the doctor

If you face any of the symptoms that have been listed below, call up your doctor without any time wastage. 

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Unbearable cramping
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Vaginal odor
  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Experiencing pain in the belly more than usual.
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Vomiting blood
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitation
  • Decreased urination even after maintaining a healthy liquid diet
  • Restlessness and mindlessness


With each passing week, your responsibilities as a life-bearer and a Mother is increasing. You may not feel much of a difference in comparison to your last week, but your baby is growing rapidly and all the major physiological changes are taking this place.

One wrong decision and it can be costly for both your baby and you. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and take certain precautions to make this beautiful journey a memorable one.

9th week pregnancy care and tips


When is the ideal time for an ultrasound?

Usually, it varies from women and women. Depending on your pregnancy symptoms, you may or may not have an ultrasound during the first trimester. Contact your doctor, if you feel anything unusual during this period.

Is it necessary to take a prenatal vitamin?

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important during this period. But, during your pregnancy, you might fall short on your nutrient and vitamin consumption. So, having a prescribed prenatal vitamin is recommended to satisfy the gap that has been caused due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Prenatal vitamins, in turn, facilitates the growth of the baby’s teeth and bones.

What amount of coffee can I drink during my pregnancy?

Having one cup of coffee that is approximately 200-300 mg of caffeine per day is allowed. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to complications.

Is an unpleasant vaginal odor normal?

Pregnant women are prone to vaginal infections. So, if you are having a disgusting vaginal odor, consult your doctor immediately.

How can I deal with my pregnancy constipation?

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and maintain a healthy liquid diet. Have vegetables and fruits which are rich in fibers and increases your metabolism rate.

What’s the best way to cope up with morning sickness and maintain a healthy diet for a healthy weight gain?

Consult a dietitian or your doctor and fix up a healthy diet that suits your body and satisfies all the demands of your baby’s growth. This diet is bound to change with each passing week as your pregnancy symptoms intensify (blame your unruly pregnancy hormones for that). Talk with your doctor if you have the constant urge of eating all the time or facing issues to cope up with your morning sickness.

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