30th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care Tips

Only 10 weeks (give or take) remain before your new family member finally arrives. Your due date is approaching and you are almost 6 to 7 months pregnant.

This third trimester is probably not going easy for you. The next few weeks are going to be challenging but very soon everything will all be worth it.

30th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care Tips

What can you expect in week 30?

  • The changes in your body and the anticipation of meeting your baby are likely to make you feel very anxious or stressed. 
  • You will start to feel like a moving belly now that your baby bump is at its largest. 
  • You may start to get compliments from people telling you that you are glowing.
  • Get ready for the terrible mood swings this week.
  • You may feel like you are losing your sense of balance because of your growing belly.

Common pregnancy symptoms in week 30

Remember those weird dreams that you used to have in your first trimester? Those may start making a comeback and they may get even weirder this time.

Your hormones are totally out of order by this point and you are also under a lot of stress and anxiety.

One particularly common dream that expectant mothers have is about giving childbirth in the car.

So don’t worry, you are not alone in that one. Some common symptoms of this week are


This one is probably not new to you. If whatever you try keeps failing then one easy fix is going to be the elimination of spicy, or heavy food from your diet altogether.

And you must avoid such foods especially before going to bed. This symptom can make sleeping even harder so it’s best to try and keep this one under control as much as possible.

Sleeping troubles- 

You are probably either tossing or turning in your bed hoping to get some sleep or your mind is stuck in a loop of worrying thoughts.

Even when you do get some sleep they will probably be haunted by nightmares. Lack of sleep is going to lead to stress and even more anxiety.

To break this vicious cycle, try different, and find something that will help you to get some sleep. 

You can even try taking naps during the day as it will improve your energy levels. You can even try going to sleep earlier and sleep in for a longer time in the morning.


This condition, of swelling feet and hand, is also not new and it is typically kept under control by keeping the feet up every few hours.

As long as it’s not unbearable or severe, swelling can be common. However, if you suddenly notice this symptom during this week then call your doctor to ensure that everything is fine.

Cramps, and pain all over your body- 

Your baby is now putting a lot of strain on almost every part of your body. From your back to your hip and your feet, everything is probably aching badly.

This is because everything in your body is working for both you and your baby. Drink lots of water and get as much rest as you can.

If things become uncomfortable or unbearable call your doctor.

Mood swing- 

Your body is strained with a lot of extra weight, your mind is racing all the time with thoughts of your baby and you are constantly worrying about all the things that can go wrong.

A lot of pregnant women experience terrible anxiety and depression during this time of the pregnancy. 

Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling or you can even consult a therapist. Learning how to deal with worrying, negative, and stress management techniques will not only help you but will also help your baby.

You can also share your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones and your partner. Remember that you are not alone in this journey.

Shortness of breath- 

Your baby is still in a position where it is very close to your rib cage even though it has started to descend towards your pelvis.

By week 33 or later your baby will drop considerably more into the pelvis and then you will find it easier to breathe.

Change in your shoe size or toe structure- 

A lot of women go up 1 shoe size up during this phase of the pregnancy. Get yourself some comfortable and proper size shoes for this period as it will also help with your swelling.

Braxton Hicks contractions- 

This one is pretty common during this week and it happens more frequently after you do any physical activity, has, or if you are tired.

This can be because of dehydration. Relax and sit down, or lie on your side or back and drink lots of water. 

However, remember that if the contractions do not stop and if you continue to have more than 4 within an hour you must immediately call your doctor and go to the hospital because it could be preterm labor.

Symptoms you may also experience are occasional heart racing, tender and swollen breasts, indigestion, frequent urination, diarrhea, itchy skin bloating and gassiness, constipation, and fatigue.

The pregnancy brain and the huge baby bump are also going to make you feel a lot clumsier. 

Your Baby’s Development in Week 30

Your baby is growing at a rapid pace and has started to take a lot of space in your body. It is becoming very crowded for your baby this week. 

  • The quantity of amniotic fluid has started to reduce now that your baby is growing and taking up more space. This is a good sign of your baby’s normal growth. 
  • Your baby’s brain is developing very quickly. 
  • Even though your baby’s skin is becoming smooth and less wrinkly, your baby’s brain is developing its characteristic wrinkles and indentations. 
  • The Lanugo that was covering your baby up till now is starting to disappear. The new deposition of fat is now going to regulate your baby’s body temperature and that is why Lanugo is no longer needed. But don’t be surprised if you see fur-like hair on your baby’s back or shoulders when it is born. 
  • Your baby’s red blood cell production is now completely done by the bone marrow. This one is important because it means that your baby will from now on be able to survive on her own when she is born. This also makes preterm labor much less dangerous. 
  • Your baby may continue to hiccup which is causing the rhythmic movements that you feel in your belly. 
  • Your baby’s eyes can now distinguish between what is around them. 
  • It has already developed the ability to tell between light and dark. 
  • Your baby will continue to gain around half a Pound or two 30 grams each week. This weight gain will help your baby to protect all its body systems and organs that are developing.

Size of your baby

During this 30th week, the baby is the size of a zucchini. It will weigh around 1.3kgs. The height of your baby is almost 15 inches or 38 cm.

Pregnant belly at week 30

Now that you have started to experience the false contractions, you will notice your pregnant belly suddenly getting taught and hard at times.

Total weight gain by week 30 will be around 18 or 25 pounds if you had a normal pre-pregnancy BMI. If you are worried about your weight gain remember that the extra weight that you are putting on now will help you as your energy reserves when you start breastfeeding your baby. 

However, do look out for sudden weight changes or drastic fluctuations in your weight gain as it could indicate serious complications such as that of preeclampsia in your pregnancy.

Call your doctor right away if you suddenly notice greater changes in your weight during this week as compared to other weeks of your pregnancy.

Even though it is week 30, your baby is still in a head-down position. Your baby is floating around in almost one and a half pints of amniotic fluid.

t will start to lose amniotic fluid as it keeps growing. It is quite crowded in your uterus right now but your baby still can comfortably move around.  

30 weeks ultrasound

You are likely to not have an ultrasound scan this week if you are having a normal pregnancy. If you have any complications in your pregnancy then your doctor might suggest another ultrasound during this week.

In that case, you will be able to see what your baby is doing this week. You will get a glimpse at your chubby baby who is starting to put on fat and that is why its skin is now looking smoother and left wrinkly.

In other cute news, your baby has now become strong enough to be able to grasp or catch your finger. 

After birth, if you bring your finger very close to your baby’s face, it will be able to see the finger and your baby will try to hold your finger.

Your baby’s face is more pronounced and the facial lines have also developed. You can even check if your baby’s eyes have opened.

Your doctor might perform a fetal non-stress test especially if you are pregnant with twins. 

During this test, a belt is attached to the abdomen and your baby’s heart rate is monitor. The other belt is used to measure contractions.

This test will confirm whether your baby is receiving the required oxygen and it can also indicate if your baby is under any fetal distress.

Tips and reminders for week 30

  • Include a lot of starchy food like cereals and potatoes in your diet. You should also include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, beans, and dairy products in your diet. All such food will help to reduce the risk of diarrhea. Choose your carbs wisely and avoid trans fat and sugary drinks or any food that is high in sugar content. 
  • Physical activity seems like a death wish with this pregnant belly, during week 30, but it is very important to stay active. Doctors generally recommend taking long walks for 30 or 50 minutes for at least five days a week. It is shown that women who remain physically active during pregnancy tend to have shorter labor time.
  • Do not forget your prenatal vitamins iron supplements and Minerals. Do ask your doctor to keep changing your dosage on the basis of the requirement of the week.
  • Use pillows to keep yourself propped up this will help you to sleep more.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable footwear which are flat. Stay away from your heels. Do watch your step to prevent any sort of accident.
  • Schedule your week 32 prenatal visit.
  • To put your worries at ease, do a practice hospital run and keep in mind the amount of time it typically takes to reach the hospital from your home so that you can be prepared when your contractions actually start.
  • Maintain personal hygiene to prevent any infection.
  • Start making a chore list that volunteering friends and family members can take on to help you after the childbirth.

Frequently Asked Questions on 30th Week of Pregnancy

Should I avoid food with high content sugar?

Yes, you should avoid all sugary drinks and foods with high sugar content.

Are artificial sweeteners allowed in week 30?

It is safe to use some ( and not all) artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar. However, even pregnancy-safe sweeteners are only safe when used in moderation.

Should I stop changing my cat’s litter box?

You don’t have to stay away from your cat but it is advisable to ask someone else to change the litter box. There are a few infections that can spread from cat litter. Also, during this week you should be taking as much as rest possible. So delegate house chores to someone else, cuddle with your pet and keep resting.


You are doing great. Things may seem overwhelming during this phase; keep resting and take lots of nap and just like that soon all your worries will end when you will have your newborn in your arms. So hold on for just a few more weeks.

30th Week Of Pregnancy Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care Tips

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