29th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

Congratulations you are finally in the first month of your final trimester. This is as real as pregnancy is going to get for you. Week 29 marks the seventh month of your pregnancy. Only 11 more weeks before this challenging journey comes to an end and you get to meet your baby for the first time. However, the good old second trimester is over and the most emotionally and physically challenging trimester of your pregnancy is beginning.

29th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

On the bright side, you can officially relax now. In the third trimester even if you experience preterm labor and have a premature baby, your baby will have greater than almost 90% chance of surviving and living a long as well as a healthy life with access to proper NICU care. 

What can you expect in week 29?

  • You will continue to gain weight and you will become more stressed and emotional over your delivery and the impending parenthood. 
  • You will observe increase in your appetite. 
  • You will start to learn a little bit about your baby’s personality just by feeling their movements.
  •  Your baby will continue to become more active and those kicks and punches will become stronger.
  • Your baby continues to gain more weight. 

Common pregnancy symptoms in week 29

At week 29, the not so pleasant symptoms are starting to make themselves known. You are likely to start feeling more tired and the morning sickness will soon make a comeback. Along with unpleasant symptoms, your baby is also a lot grown up now. Your baby is more active and putting on weight rapidly baby. So it will be even harder for you now than it was in your first trimester. Some of the commons during this week are going to be: 

Headaches and/or lightheadedness- 

This could be triggered by a lack of sleep and low blood sugar levels. Even though you just can’t seem to doze off with this huge belly, you must try to find strategies to make yourself fall asleep. Eat small meals but at regular intervals to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Itchy belly- 

Your skin is now being stretched to its maximum capacity. Your skin has become extremely sensitive by now and that is why stretch marks and aches are all common during this time. Moisturize regularly, drink lots of water and ask your doctor to prescribe you some meds.

 Back, leg, or/and hip pain- 

Your joints and muscles have started to relax to prepare for the upcoming delivery and at the same time, your baby is exerting pressure on almost everything in your body. Your body also has to carry a lot of weight all the time. All these are causing aches and pains. Try not to stand or sit straight for a long time.

Lack of breath-

Even going from one room to another may seem like a marathon nowadays. The only way to alleviate some of the breathing problems is to just rest. In case you experience severe breathing problems, contact your doctor immediately.  


This one is often an accompanying symptom of headaches. The migraine pain may be reduced by lying on your back in a quiet and darkroom. You can try putting a cold compress or an ice pack on your neck and forehead.


This is a new condition that women develop in the third trimester around week 29. This condition may lead to some very dangerous complications such as high blood pressure, and changes in the functioning of your kidney and liver. You must keep in mind your normal blood pressure and you should keep checking your blood pressure from this point to immediately identify if your blood pressure levels have increased. 

As this condition can lead to risk and complication in pregnancy, its best to seek medical help immediately. This condition is also often accompanied by swelling legs, nausea, vomiting, and never-ending headaches.

Faster growing nails- 

Fluctuations in your hormones will lead to fast-growing nails and thick hair during this week.

Along with these symptoms, the symptoms that may continue to be the part of your pregnancy are hemorrhoids, constipation, gas, indigestion, sleeping troubles, frequent urination, and varicose veins.

Your Baby’s Development in Week 29

In week 29, the brain of your baby will continue to develop rapidly and the head is a large portion of your baby’s mass. 

  • During this week, your mischief master will continue to stay in a vertical position. Your baby also in the breech position during the week but don’t worry chances are it will revert to the normal position before delivery. 
  • Your baby’s head is also growing bigger to make space for the brain. 
  • The baby can now regulate or change its body temperature on its own. 
  • The hearing keeps improving.
  • The muscles, lungs, and other organs will continue to mature. 
  • If yours is a baby boy then his scrotum will move downwards this week.
  • The eyes of the baby are no longer fused and your baby is now able to open and close its eyes. 
  • On other cute updates, your baby will start to smile in week 29. Your baby can even smile in its sleep. Baby is starting to regulate his or her body temperature. 

Size of your baby

Your baby is over 14 ½ inches or 36.8 cm long. Your baby weighs approximately 2 ¾ pounds or 1.3 kg. It is almost as big as a pomelo or a squash. During the next few weeks, your baby will have gained almost half of its actual birth weight.

Pregnant belly at week 29

If you had a normal BMI before your pregnancy then you are likely to have gained around 20 to 25 pounds by week 29. The top of your expanded uterus is now almost 4 inches above the belly button. 

Your baby is gaining a lot of energy, thanks to the increasing baby fat. This energy is making your baby kicks and punches stronger and more frequently. You must keep counting the baby kicks every day to ensure that your baby’s activities and rhythm are consistent. Ask your doctor how many times your baby should be kicking in an hour. 

Generally, a baby should move about 10 times within an hour. In case you have not felt baby movement for some time, give your baby’s startle reflex a chance to work. Drink some iced water, talk to your baby, play that song which always warrants a kick from your baby, lie down and rest a little. All these will surely wake your baby up. In case your baby has not moved for a long time and it is starting to make you anxious, call your doctor and get a check-up. 

29 weeks ultrasound

You are not likely to have an ultrasound this week but you will have one on week 30 if you are on a normal prenatal checkup schedule. However, if you have glucose diabetes or any other pregnancy complication then you may have an ultrasound even in week 29. On this week’s ultrasound, you will get a glimpse of your growing baby. Your baby will look chubbier because of the baby fat that is accumulating under its skin.

Sex at week 29 of pregnancy

Even though sex remains safe if your doctor approves of it, in your third trimester you might start noting changes in libido. You may have lower sexual desires in this trimester. Do whatever you feel is the most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

Tips and reminders for week 29

  • Ensure that you are following a balanced and nutritious diet so that your little one gets its required nutrition from you.  Don’t miss taking the prenatal vitamins on a regular basis. Hydrate with at least over 10 glasses of water every day.
  • Ensure that you are eating around 1200 mg of calcium each day. Dairy products, dried figs, beans, sardines, tofu, green, and vegetables are all excellent sources of calcium. Don’t miss including them in the diet. Ask your doctor about the dosage that is specifically required by you.
  • Even though you are starting to feel very tired and moving around is a lot of hassle, you need to keep practicing your Kegels daily.
  • Keep monitoring your baby’s movements and the frequency of the kicks.
  • Look for a nanny and also, a daycare. 
  • Start your research on the third-trimester screening tests.
  • Keep a hospital emergency bag near the door with the required documents in them. This way you will be prepared for sudden labor. Keep adding things in that bag whenever you remember any item that you may need.
  • You probably have already started shopping for your baby supplies. Some essential items that you should not miss are cribs, diaper bags with diaper and rash creams, baby monitor, medical supplies like thermometer and bulb syringes, baby-friendly detergent, and high chairs. Don’t forget to buy breast pumps, you will be thankful for them later.
  • Go shopping. Get yourself comfortable maternity wear and nursing bras. There is also nothing cuter than a newborn and a mother rocking matching outfits.
  • Start figuring out your and your partner’s role when your water breaks. Should you be calling your friends and family to the hospital? Hw will you two be reaching the hospital? All these questions should be discussed for the best action plan.

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions for 29th Week of Pregnancy

What can I not do during week 29?

You cannot sleep in the wrong position and you should not avoid exercise. You don’t need to eat for two people. Try to avoid taking any vacation from this week onwards. Do not, even by mistake, ignore car safety.

Will I hurt my baby if I bend over?

No, you won’t necessarily hurt your baby as long as it is in a safe position in your womb. However, by week 29 your baby bump is very big and any sort of bending will be extremely uncomfortable for you. So it is just better to avoid bending.

What exercises are safe from week 29 onwards?

From week 29, you should be all about being comfortable. Don’t make long stretches, exercise too long, or jump. However physical activity remains very crucial for the health of both the mother and the baby. It is best to talk long walks of 0 to 50 minutes each day for at least 4 or 6 days a week. Don’t stop practicing Kegels.


Things are starting to feel real now that you are just a few weeks away from finally meeting your baby. Don’t worry about everything and just try to relax and get some sleep. Follow the proper recommended diet along with your prenatal vitamins and you will be fine.

29th Week Of Pregnancy Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

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