35th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Self Care

You are in the final few laps of your pregnancy and amidst all the kicks and rolls, you can still feel the butterflies in your tummy! You should probably start thinking of a name for the new member who is about to arrive soon in grandeur. But, amidst all the excitement, planning of names, and renovation of the house, you should remember that the last few weeks are very critical and important. 

35th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Self Care

You should keep a lookout for premature labor and be very careful in every step you take. Here are a few things that you will be expecting this week.

What can I expect on the 35th week of my pregnancy?

  • You may experience a sharp dull pain in your pelvic area.
  • You will find yourself visiting the washroom more often now.
  • The little one is almost ready for being born.
  • Get ready for sleepless nights.

Expected Changes in your Body

By now you have gained around 25-30 pounds for sure. And, you will continue to gain weight for the remaining few weeks. If you notice your belly, that from the belly button to the top of the uterus is around 6 inches in measurement. Now is the time to talk to your doctor and decide whether you want to opt for normal delivery or go for cesarean delivery.

Cesarean deliveries are common and scheduled cesarean delivery is recommended by doctors before you go into labor. Here are some reasons why a scheduled cesarean delivery is advisable:

  • Your little one is in an abnormal position.
  • Placenta previa has unfortunately been diagnosed. This is a very case which arises when the placenta becomes a hindrance for the baby to come out safely from the uterus.
  • It might be your little champ is not that ‘little’ too and can’t possibly pass through your pelvis and vagina.

Baby’s development

  • Your baby is the size of a honeydew melon- about 17 to 18 inches in length and weighs around 6 pounds.
  • The arms and legs are fuller now with the fat and muscles developed.
  • Your little one’s skin is super soft and pink now. Can’t wait to cuddle, right?
  • The vermix which is protecting your baby’s skin from the amniotic fluid is thickening.
  • Lanugo, the fine hair that had been covering your baby’s skin is almost gone now.
  • The lungs are developing and have started to produce surfactant which is helping them to function efficiently.
  • The nervous system and the brain cells are also developing. They will keep developing constantly even after birth.
  • Your baby’s head is facing down and is ready to come out.

It is a good time to think about a perfect Name for Baby as well. 


Frequent urination

No, you can’t victimize your pregnancy hormones now! It is your baby who is making his/her way to the pelvis gradually and getting ready for delivery. The baby is putting pressure on your bladder and every time you laugh, cough, or sneeze, there are chances of you wetting your pants.

Drink ample water even if your bladder feels full. Visit the washroom as many times as you can. Practice Kegel exercises daily to strengthen the muscles near the vagina.

Disturbed sleep

With someone growing inside your belly, it makes it challenging to find the best position to sleep. The thought of hurting your baby and all the stress that is building up in your mind as the big day is nearing is also the reason behind your sleepless nights.

Sleep wherever you feel comfortable; it can be your couch too. Try popping a pillow in between your legs to give you some comfort while sleeping. Take as many naps as you can throughout the day.

Shortness of Breath

The increasing belly puts pressure on the lungs, restricting their expansion. This can make you feel out of breath, though your little one is getting adequate oxygen. Maintain a good posture, like standing straight, so that your lungs can get some space to breathe.

Skin rashes

The skin near your stomach can become dry and start itching. These rashes are harmless and won’t cause any trouble to your baby or you. It can be very annoying. Try and use a lotion or vera gel to soothe the skin.


Yes, they are back! This week, they are again back to annoy you. Your hormones are playing the role of the villain in this long 9-month movie. The only way to prevent heartburn is to stop having spicy or fried foods and chocolates! Your digestive system is on a break now, and so you should stick to having 6 small meals rather than having three big ones.


Varicose veins are a common symptom during pregnancy and the ones that pop up in your rectum are called hemorrhoids. It can be really uncomfortable and be careful while treating them with care. Wash them with water and wipe off with a toilet paper or wipes gently.

Coldness in hands and feet

The swelling in the arms and legs can cause numbness or coldness. Talk about this with your doctor if you feel uncomfortable or experience excruciating pain.

Make sure you are sitting or standing in a comfortable posture. Popping a pillow in between your legs can reduce the numbness. The numbness and the swollenness will gradually subside after delivery.

Leaky and Tender Breasts

The increased blood flow to your breasts is making them grow larger day by day. They are preparing for breastfeeding. And you might find them leaking colostrum, a pale yellowish fluid. Wear your maternity bra while going to bed. Wearing a good maternity bra or a cotton sports bra can give some support to your ultrasensitive breasts.

Pregnancy Brain

You will find yourself to be more absent-minded now and it can be annoying This is a common complaint of many pregnant women but you have to deal with it. The cells in your brain are shrinking and the sleepless nights are adding up to your fatigue.

Try to maintain journals and writing important tasks on sticky notes or keeping a track of them on your smartphone. 

Low back pain

Your baby is preparing himself/herself for the big day and slowly moving down towards the pelvic region. The increase in pressure by the baby on your pelvis is the reason behind the back pain that you are experiencing.

Your baby might as well put pressure on the sciatic nerve and that can be painful. Exercise daily and maintain a good posture while standing or sitting. 

Bleeding gums

The hormones can make your gums and teeth sensitive and weak respectively. Try increasing your Vitamin C to strengthen your gums.

Braxton-Hicks contractions:  

These are practice contractions that can strike at any time. These sudden contractions are preparing your body for delivery. You might experience them more now. Your abdomen can tighten up and sometimes the pain can be extremely excruciating.

These contractions hit later during the day. Buckle up, as these contractions will become stronger from now on. Dehydration, sex, strenuous activity, or a full bladder usually activates them.


This is common for any pregnant woman during the last trimester. You will suddenly find an urge to rearrange and renovate your home for the baby’s grand entry. If the nesting impulse triggers often, have your partner or your maid nearby to do all the lifting and heavy work while you just sit back and command. No one will let you down!

Tips for a healthy pregnancy this week

Keep all your pain options handy

You can easily find many medical alternatives that can make sure that you don’t face much pain during labor. Create an efficient birth plan that makes sure that you are in your senses during the entire process and present to greet your little champ then and there.

Make sure you have enough nasal strips:

The pregnancy hormones tend to swell up the mucous membrane in your nose and that can make you feel stuffy. If you don’t want to wake your partner up or yourself with your loud snores, make sure you put on a nasal strip while sleeping.

Work on a birth plan

It is high time you should prepare a birth plan now. Plan out everything from pain controlling options to whom do you want to be present with you inside the delivery chamber. Make down a list and discuss it with the hospital and the medical staff.

Surrender yourself and your baby to them without any hesitation. They will discuss your baby plan with you and make sure your needs are keeping in mind all the protocols and restrictions. 

Keep a check on your sugar intake

Do not have anything that contains more than 20 grams of sugar. Too much intake of sugar right now is not recommended. 

Continue working out

Make sure you work out daily to keep your organs fit. Go for a brisk walk and do some freehand exercises. Restrict yourself from lifting heavy weights at all. Regular exercise also makes sure that you have a healthy sleep cycle.

Emergency cases to call the doctor

  • Bleeding
  • Unchecked vaginal discharge
  • High Body temperature
  • Sudden chills
  • Excruciating pain while urinating
  • Unbearable headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Blind spots
  • Water breaks
  • Painful contractions at regular intervals


There is not much happening in your body but your baby is undergoing some remarkable developments. You are just a few more weeks away from the big day and by now you have even thought of a name, haven’t you!

This week is critical in respect to the signs of premature labor. There are chances that you can give birth to your child this week too. The 35th week is all about the planning and discussing the ideal type of delivery for your baby. Talk with your doctor about anything and everything is disturbing you. 

Just a few more laps and you’ll soon be crowned the winner!

Here are Frequently Asked Questions about 35th Week of Pregnancy guide to help you

What are the types of things I should include in my birth plan?

Several mothers include pain medication and decide on whom they would prefer to help them in the labor room. Make sure that your birth plan with your provider is reviewed thoroughly in advance. Bring a copy to the hospital or center for your birth. Usually, your work nurse reviews you too. Workers are an essential and intimate part of your journey through the hospital.

What should I do to get some sleep during my last trimester?

Sleeping comfortably may be tough. It might be beneficial to have a pillow between the legs as well as pillows for the entire body. At this stage, don’t sleep on your back. Sleeping on the left side improves the baby’s blood flow.

What if I am tested positive with gestational diabetes?

Our first approach is conservative if your testing confirms gestational diabetes. What some women require is dietary changes and a comfortable fitness scheme such as regular walks. A glucose monitor is also often used to monitor your blood sugar at home. Medicines are prescribed if the situation seems to go out of control. 

What are the things that I should include in my bag for the hospital?

A number of common suggestions: various clothing changes, care bras, comfy underwear, and large pads, picture and home-going baby outfit, toiletries, cameras, and music.

What should I expect if I baby comes early?

If you show symptoms of labor before 37 weeks, contact the doctor or midwife. Some women enter preterm labor and even deliver early. It’s usually not straightforward (especially if it’s your first baby) and why it occurs isn’t always obvious. Your baby’s gestational age has a strong effect on how good your baby is going to do.

Is cord blood banking a good option?

It is a good option. Blood from the umbilical cord of the baby is rich in stem cells that treat many diseases and cancers.   There is already increasing work and its importance for your baby’s well-being. It is wonderful for parents to bank their baby’s blood later (even when this child becomes adolescent and adult), and that is good for future purposes. However, it is an expensive affair.

35th Week Of Pregnancy Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Self Care

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