37th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Food & Self Care

Let’s travel back to your beginning weeks of pregnancy when your baby was nowhere to be seen in your ultrasound and you’d wonder when would I be able to feel like that, I am pregnant and get some really cute pictures with my belly bump. Life isn’t that comfortable too, right? You still haven’t been able to figure out the best position for you to sleep.

37th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Food & Self Care

The pains and aches are still lingering on and the swelling doesn’t seem to go. But amidst all the discomfort and stress, do not forget that you will be meeting your baby very soon. Read till the end, to get an idea of what you will be expecting this week.

What to expect on my 37th week of pregnancy?

  • Your baby has learned to grasp on smaller things like his nose or toes.
  • Restricted movements of the baby.
  • Unbearable pain in the pelvic region.
  • Your little one can arrive at any time.

Expected changes in your body

Your doctor will be looking for dilation, or whether your cervix has opened yet or not. There should be at least 10 centimeters opening in your cervix for the little one to pass through and enter the birth canal. Your doctor will also examine the consistency of the cervix. It usually is firm and then starts to soften. Your doctor will check if you have dropped yet or not. 

As your baby drops, his/her head puts pressure on the bladder and you will have a continuous urge to urinate. You will also face severe backache. But the satisfying news is that you will finally get some space to take deeper and fuller breaths.

Developments in your Baby

  • Your little one is about the size of swiss chard- 19 inches in length and a little over 6 pounds in weight.
  • All the major organs are ready to function.
  • The brain and the lungs are still developing and will need some more time to mature.
  • Your little one can grasp his nose or a toe.
  • Your baby is probable sucking his thumb now and then and preparing himself/herself for breastfeeding.
  • Every time he stretches, rolls and wiggles, you’ll be able to feel all of them!

Twin Development

  • There is a high chance that you’ll be delivering your babies by this week or next week.
  • Your doctor may suggest a cesarean delivery to ensure that both you and your babies are safe.


Changes in the movement of your baby

Your baby’s head has probably moved deep down in your pelvis, and that’ll make his/her movements restricted. Say goodbye to kicks! But you should be able to feel some movement throughout the day. If you don’t, and it worries you, you can call up your doctor.


If you see that you are suffering from heartburn more than usual, try having a good number of almonds. You can even try having warm milk with a tablespoon of honey or some dried papaya. If you have quit all bad habits before pregnancy, you might not face unwanted symptoms. 

Vaginal discharge

If you notice a thickened pinkish or brownish color in your vaginal discharge, get mentally prepared that it won’t be long till your little one arrives; the blood vessels in the cervix are breaking and preparing for labor and delivery. 

Varicose Veins

It’s preferable to sleep on the left side if you see that more and more veins are appearing in your legs. You can even try to keep your legs slightly elevated, by using a pillow so that it can help the blood to circulate freely and easily.

Excruciating pain in the pelvic region

Your baby is making his/her way to the birth canal and his/her head will put pressure on your pelvis, hips, and bladder. The pressure will increase with each passing day of this week. You can use a sling to support your belly bump, which will help to ease some pressure off your pelvis.

Leg cramps

You can’t compromise on your water and other liquid intakes even though you have to visit the washroom a lot. Make sure you are getting the right amount of magnesium and calcium in your diet.

Stretch marks

You’ll notice the classic marks of maternity on your grown breasts and boobs. Keep your skin well moisturized to prevent dryness. The marks will gradually fade away after a few months from your day of delivery.

Changes in your Breasts

Your breasts are fuller and bigger by now. The nipples are big and popping out for your to baby suck on.

Trouble sleeping

Finding the right position to sleep and stressing about the baby’s arrival is bound to take away your sleep. But, try to get as much sleep you can, maybe be naps whenever you can. You’ll be needing all your energy on the big day.

Braxton-Hicks contractions

You’ll be experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions a lot during this week. Though you will be having them at irregular intervals each of them will make your cervix thinner and prepare your body for delivery.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy this week

Work on your baby’s nursery

Your little one can announce his/her arrival at any time now. Do not leave everything till the last date, as the last few weeks are very unpredictable. Don’t have to overstress yourself. Just make sure the nursery is well sanitized and ready for the new member.

Limited weight gain

Don’t get worried if you see that you haven’t gained much weight in the last few weeks. It is normal.

Keep yourself well hydrated

Continue having an ample amount of water. This will help you deal with bloating and leg cramps. The more you drink water, it’ll make it easier for the body to flush out all the accumulated waste and excess liquid.

Invest in an exercise ball

Continue doing your exercises and the best thing to invest in your late-pregnancy is an exercise ball. The exercise ball will help strengthen the core muscles and it can also provide relief during pregnancy and labor. This is a good time to read the best parenting quotes. 

Keep your calm during bed rest

Bed rest is never interesting and it can play games with your mind. Stock up your mini fridge with water, fruits, cheese, and your favorite foods. Always keep your mobile within arm’s reach. Follow a routine that can give you ample rest and fun time staying on your couch or bed. Stay positive and remind yourself that just after a few more days, you’ll wake up beside your baby and all the pain and trouble will pay off.

Get accustomed with your baby gear

Can’t wait for your little one to arrive? Why not utilize the waiting time by learning to use the stroller or installing the car seat! Strap a doll onto the roller and practice walking with it in the hallway.

Learn to fold the stroller in one hand while holding the doll on the other. This all might seem stupid but it will be worth it when the time comes. After all, practice makes perfect!

Emergency cases to call the doctor

Make sure you record your baby’s movements every day, which will help you know the status of the baby. If you find that your baby hasn’t been moving or responding for quite some time or a day or two, it’s better to call up the doctor. In rare cases, a reduced movement can be caused because of some cord accident or any other problem which will need immediate medical scrutiny.


The new member of your family can arrive anytime now or can take a few more weeks to make his/her grand entry. You should be both mentally and physically fit now and remain prepared to face labor. Make sure your hospital bag is packed.

Have a cheat day and have a movie night with your partner and make sure you get adequate sleep! You are just days away for the most awaited moment of your life! Pamper yourself as much as you can and just wait! 

You are almost there…

Here are Some Important Frequently Asked Questions about 37th Week of Pregnancy to Guide you

What should I include in my hospital bag?

Common proposals are various clothing changes, nursing bras, comfortable underwear, and large pads, baby costumes for photography, toiletries, cameras, and music.

What should I do to overcome my stress?

Stressing about the delivery is common during this time. Even though you have complications, it is best to keep your mind calm and composed. To boost up your mood, you can switch on your favorite tv show and laugh your heart out (be careful to not wet your pants), listen to some good groovy music. 

The best thing to get an energy boost is to spend time with your partner and tell him what you are feeling. Practice breathing exercises and meditate for at least half an hour a day to keep your mind away from negative thoughts. Most importantly, drink ample water!

When should to go on the maternity leave?

The duration of birth and the sort of job varies from women to women. Several people wait until their deadline or when the baby has been born to start their maternity leave in uncomplicated pregnancies. Any women can begin their maternity leave early if they are in severe discomfort or have a pregnancy issue.

Is it necessary to hire a doula to help me deliver my baby?

A doula is a qualified trainer who guides you through labor and childbirth. They will assist before labor, with inquiries on what to expect, alleviates worries, helps to build a delivery plan, and ideally gets you ready for your baby’s arrival.   This is a personal decision and also depends on your support system. Many women find the emotional support of their doula helpful in labor.

37th Week Of Pregnancy Changes, Symptoms, Food & Self Care

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