28th Week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

Welcome to the third trimester! You are halfway through your 6th month and in a couple of months, you’ll officially be a mother! Isn’t it exciting? Over the past few months, you have gone through a lot of changes and it has shaped you as an emotionally strong woman. 

This week is eventful for the baby who is growing inside you. Your little one is undergoing some remarkable developments and starting to prepare for the outer world. There are a few new symptoms that are going to pop up this week and this article is going to make you mentally prepared for what you might be expecting.

So, without further ado, let’s hop in!

What can you expect during the 28th week?

  • Your baby’s head is near the cervix and has taken the position for delivery.
  • You might have heavy vaginal discharge.
  • You are likely to suffer from insomnia.
  • You might have severe back pains.

Expected Changes in your Body

It’s time to say goodbye to the comfortable days of pregnancy. Your little champ is kicking you day and night and you have lost your sleep by now.

  • Your breasts are keeping on growing and you might find them leaking quite often nowadays. 
  • You might have swollen legs and a very sharp lower back pain. 
  • Your skin has become very sensitive and you are prone to have dry and flaky skin at some parts of the body and you might as well have rashes too.
  • You might experience pressure in the lower half of the body especially on the bladder.

Developments in your Baby

  • Your baby is about 14 inches long and weighs around 2 ½ pounds.
  • Your baby is finally taking the position for delivery with his/her head facing near the cervix.
  • The little one’s eyes are partially open and starting to blink.
  • The central nervous system of your baby has developed.
  • The brain continues to develop and the ridges and indentations have started to become prominent.
  • Your baby is tasting your amniotic fluid by now, so beware of what you are eating.

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Constipation and gas

Your uterus continues to grow and it becomes a burden for the rectum to handle. You have been facing constipation for the past few weeks and you know it’s your pregnancy hormones who are behind this. The pregnancy hormones have relaxed your intestinal muscles and this might make you feel gassier. Have 6 small meals instead of having three big ones.


Your joints and ligaments in the pelvic have started to relax and have started to prepare for labor and delivery. With your ever-growing uterus, the center of gravity is starting to shift and this might make you difficult to balance. The pressure that your uterus is putting on your pelvic area is the reason behind the sharp pain that you are experiencing. Keep aside your pretty heels and start wearing flats.


Your baby has started to kick day and night and the excruciating pain can make you lose your sleep at night. It is too much stress to handle. Listen to soft music to ease your nerves and sleep wherever you feel comfortable.

Shortness of breath

The abdominal organs are crowded because of the uterus which in turn can make the stomach and diaphragm put pressure on your lungs. And you might face difficulty in breathing. Maintaining the right posture can make room for your lungs to breathe. Do not have to worry about your baby, the little one is getting ample amount of oxygen he needs.


You might experience heartburn this week and it is normal. Your growing uterus is pushing against the stomach, and blame your pregnancy hormones for relaxing the valve between the esophagus and stomach. this might just make the stomach acid leak into the esophagus.

Breast growth

The increased blood flow to your breasts is making them grow larger day by day. They are preparing for breastfeeding. And you might find them leaking now and then. Wear your maternity bra while going to bed. Wearing a good maternity bra or a cotton sports bra can give some support to your ultrasensitive breasts.

Increase in weight

Your baby is growing and is adding up to your weight. Not only the baby but your heavy breasts and swollen arms and legs are also the reason behind your weight gain. Blame your pregnancy hormones for that. Discuss a healthy diet plan with your dietician and follow it religiously.

Varicose veins

Your growing uterus is the reason behind the appearance of the varicose veins on your legs and the pelvic region. You might have to deal with the veins for the rest of your life but there are chances of them disappearing after delivery. Keeping your legs elevated can make the veins do not appear much.

Stuffy nose

Your sex hormones, estrogen, and progesterone increase the blood flow during pregnancy and it can result in swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose. You might face difficulty in breathing. If you don’t wish to wake up your partner with your loud snores, try wearing a nose strip before going to bed.

Frequent urination

Your visits to the washroom are not likely to decrease any time soon, so you might as well just get accustomed to it. The uterus will continue to put pressure on your bladder. Do not compromise on your daily water intake. Have adequate water throughout the day.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These are practice contractions that can strike at any time. These sudden contractions are preparing your body for delivery. Your abdomen can tighten up and sometimes the pain can be extremely excruciating. These contractions hit later during the day. Buckle up, as these contractions will become stronger from now on.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy this week

Schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss your delivery: You are nearing your delivery date and now is the time you should let your doctor know everything that is going on in your mind. Talk about how to manage pain before the delivery and what type of drugs should you take to ease the pain.

Tdap vaccine: Taking a Tdap vaccine now is a must. Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster vaccine will act as a shield for the baby and protect him/her till he/she gets vaccinated later.

Baby handling classes: Now is the time to sign up for maternity classes. You can attend breastfeeding seminars, delivery classes, and other pregnancy complications.

Decide on your pediatrician now: If you haven’t yet decided on your pediatrician, you should decide on your baby’s doctor.

Say no to fish-oil supplements: Fish-oil supplements are known for boosting your DHA. But during your pregnancy, it is not a good choice. First of all, you are facing difficulties in digesting and you don’t want to burp wish fish oil all day.  If you are looking for DHA supplements, talk with your doctor, and decide on an alternative.

Increase your Iron intake: The baby needs all the nutrition now and during the third trimester, the little one is in a dire need of iron. So, have adequate iron-rich foods like chicken, beans, beef, and spinach.


You are just 3 months away from the big day! I know you desperately want all this to end as fast as possible, but, trust me you are going to miss this period a lot. You can opt for a prenatal photoshoot to capture the beautiful moments and cherish them later on. You can even start maintaining a journal and write down those special moments like the first time you felt your little champ’s kick. 

We are proud of you!

Here are Some Important FAQs on 28th Week of Pregnancy

Why is this 28th week so crucial?

Your baby becomes too active during this week and he/she starts to move now and then responding to every touch and sound. The lungs and brain are already formed but not fully functioning. These organs will continue to develop throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

How can I deal with my leg pain?

Having leg cramps and pain is normal during pregnancy. When you are lying down or sleeping, keep your legs on an elevated platform or put a pillow in between your legs while sleeping. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and wear comfortable shoes.

How can I differentiate between premature labor and Braxton Hicks contractions?

Taking adequate rest and staying well hydrated can resolve Braxton Hicks contractions and these so-called practice contractions don’t usually get more intense with time.

Should I start taking maternity and childbirth classes?

It is highly recommended to start taking childbirth prep classes, especially for first-timers. Various hospitals provide lectures about what to expect during childbirth, how to manage pain, and deal with contractions.

How often can I feel my baby’s kicks?

From your 25th week onwards you had already started to feel your baby move and now in your 28th week, you can feel your baby kick very often and though the first few kicks will be special it will surely aggravate later and take away your good night sleep.

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