2nd Week of Pregnancy: Baby Size, Changes, Symptoms & Foods

Being a woman is a blessing. A woman is a great multitasker; not only can she carry out all duties given to her but also do it efficiently. We are the greatest creation of God and being born as a human being is a privilege. God gifted the woman with the power to bear life in her body and carry out the plan that he always dreamt of- the advancement of the human race. 

Being pregnant is full of mixed emotions; it is like an adventure- a journey towards the unknown and unexpected. But, with pregnancy, comes a lot of responsibility, and a woman should be completely aware of the changes that are taking place in her body. 

Here, you will get an in-depth knowledge of what to expect when you are in your 2nd week of pregnancy.

The Genesis

Let us talk about the Genesis now. You are amongst those privileged women who have been blessed to be a mother and to experience all the thrills, chills, tears, and laughter during this period of long 9 months. You will cherish every moment during your pregnancy and it will make you feel more special and worthy!

During your second week of pregnancy, you may be about to release an egg that could eventually be fertilized by a sperm. Your due date will be calculated on the first day of your last period of menstruation. 

Thus, in the second week, if you tried to become pregnant, you are most often in the phase. Your egg was released from the ovary at the 2-week mark and is ready to be fertilized. The fertilized egg has thickened to embrace it. 

2nd week of pregnancy genesis

The Baby Size

There are a lot of misconceptions related to pregnancy; the egg does not get fertilized at 2 weeks. All the most, you might be ovulating. 

There is a big question mark regarding the ovulating period because it varies from female to female and usually you should be ovulating on the 15th day of your menstrual period but only if you are among those who have a healthy 28-day menstrual cycle. 

There is nothing to worry if you are not ovulating yet, you are just a few days behind. As mentioned, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding pregnancy and it must be clear that the baby size, health, and development are still a good 2 to 3 weeks away.  

Body Changes

Over these long 9 months of your pregnancy, you will be undergoing a lot of physiological changes. For instance, changes like larger breasts are common whereas changes like hair textures vary from woman to woman.

 When you are in your second week of pregnancy, your body will begin to produce the Follicle Simulating Hormone, which will act as a catalyst for your dominant follicle to mature and also rupture. The ruptured follicle helps in the production of progesterone and estrogen- which are hormones that help in sustaining the pregnancy. 

During your second week, your body will undergo the same changes that happen when you are in your periods- breast soreness, light pelvic ache, and an increased sex drive.


Here are a few symptoms that you might be coming across.

Missed Period

If you have missed your period, it is usually a sign of your possible pregnancy. Confirm this by going for pregnancy tests. 

White cervical mucus

Having a whitish discharge from your vagina at this time? There is nothing to worry about. The mucus lining of your cervix is changing to allow the sperm to travel better.

Increased sense of smell

Due to an increased rate of estrogen production during this time, this is one of the many pregnancy symptoms that you have to bear with. This is usually what triggers morning sickness. But, there are ways by which you can treat Morning Sickness naturally- eat smaller and more frequent meals, skip certain meals (if required), try and avoid strong smells and maybe try some aromatherapy by smelling mint, lemon or orange which will make you feel a bit less nauseatic.

Light Spotting

You can see a light spot when the follicle around the egg ruptures. However, it may suggest a more serious condition if the bleeding were more serious. If you’re anxious about these symptoms please see a doctor.


You are in the follicular phase right now and if you have been keeping a check on your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), you will see that it is low during this period and it will gradually increase once you enter the luteal phase.

The mentioned symptoms should give you a rough idea of when you are going to ovulate. If you don’t have a healthy or a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, you can note down somewhere to track your period. You can even avail of ovulation kits that are available in the market easily.

Belly Size

There is no unusual change in the belly size during this time as the fertilized egg has not yet attached itself to your uterine wall. You may feel a bit of pain near your pelvic area during ovulation and that is natural.


There is no reason to undergo an Ultrasound in your second week as none of the pregnancy tests is accurate until the 4-week mark.

2nd week of pregnancy symptoms

What to Eat?

  • Having a healthy diet helps your body to function effortlessly which is a necessity for getting pregnant. There are no fixed food restrictions after having a regular balanced diet during your 2nd week. 
  • Having a healthy diet from the early stages of pregnancy ensures that there is a healthy development of the baby and it also strengthens your immune system to make sure you are having a seamless childbirth. 
  • Try and have fertility-boosting foods like leafy vegetables, salmon, yams, and assorted berries to make sure you conceive easily. Avoid having caffeine, alcohol, and narcotics as it not only reduces the chances of you conceiving but might also affect the growth of your baby.
2nd week of pregnancy eating tips

Self-Care Tips

With pregnancy comes a lot of responsibilities as a ‘life-bearer.’ This period is full of excitement and more like a roller coaster ride- stressful, emotional, surprising, and every other emotion that you can name. But make sure to follow the following tips to keep your baby and yourself healthy.

  • Make sure you are having a healthy menstrual cycle and keep a track of it.
  • Using an ovulation kit is recommendable.
  • Engaging yourself in regular and timely sex is the ultimate key to conceiving during this period.
  • Connect with your partner. Try and provide whatever possible support you can. 
  • Try and keep yourself content without taking much stress. Go with the flow. You will be undergoing a lot of changes both physically and emotionally which is natural. Taking unnecessary stress will add up to your weakness and make you dizzier and more restless. 
  • Visit a doctor if you feel anything unusual.
  • Do not go for pregnancy tests out of excitement right now as you might get the wrong result. It is imperative that you wait for at least a couple more weeks.
  • Listen to your doctor and constrain yourself from any other medicine apart from the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor.

What to keep handy during this time?

The only thing that you need to keep handy is a pregnancy kit which you will be needing from the next week.


Congratulations! Welcome to the beautiful world of motherhood. Remember, that you are blessed to be a Mother. You are starting to take baby steps towards an experience of a lifetime. The coming few weeks and months will be challenging yet exciting and full of surprises. Taking care of yourself caters to the development of the baby. Following all the mentioned protocols will make your pregnancy easier and bearable. Take care!

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