7th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

7th Week of Pregnancy: What to Expect?

You are in your month two of your pregnancy! And a lot of changes have been happening with your baby after your first ultrasound last week. You might not find any drastic changes from the outside but inside, the baby is growing. By this week it has grown to the size of a blueberry. The initial stages of pregnancy are vital for both you and your baby. 

7th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

The changes going inside you will result in fatigue, nausea, headaches, and all other things but amidst all this chaos, you need to keep a steady mind and follow a few protocols to surpass the remaining 7 months.


If you didn’t go for an ultrasound on your 6th week, you can schedule an appointment now. Your baby is still small now to be seen without magnification. If you see carefully, you will be able to see the internal organs developing now, but being able to see the heartbeat of your baby is like the cherry on the cake!

Baby Development

All the changes in your baby are going to surprise you at this time and give you an overwhelming feeling of joy. Here are the beautiful changes that your baby is going through.

  • Your baby is pretty small now, nevertheless, the nervous system has started to form.
  • Brain development will continue after birth too, but the major sections of the brain have developed by now. With each passing week of the first trimester, the brain will gradually divide into the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. 
  • The arm and leg had started to form from the previous week itself. They are much stronger now and the hand, shoulder, knee, and foot segments are gradually forming. 
  • The head and the face are also forming now. The nostrils and eyelids are in their developing stages now.
  • The kidneys are in place and are ready to start functioning.

Twin Development

Being pregnant with twins or multiple babies can either be genetic or due to the intake of fertility drugs. The development of twins or multiple babies varies from week to week. If you undergo an ultrasound now, you will see that your babies are as small as a pea. Multiple heartbeats can be detected though. 


Given below is a list of the symptoms that you are going to go through during this seventh week of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy hormones trigger headaches. Fatigue, an empty stomach, or both emotional and physical stress can be the reason behind your headaches. You must keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, relax, and take rest now. Having an empty stomach is not recommended at all. Have small meals at regular intervals to counter headaches.

Swollen Breasts

Blame your pregnancy hormones for this! Well, it might have been a welcome change if they weren’t so tender and sensitive! The blood flow to your breasts is increasing as they are getting accustomed to breastfeeding. Now is the time, to invest in a good bra, maybe a maternity bra to provide support. Wear them at night while going to bed.

Darker Areolas

The dark area around the nipple also called the areola has become darker now and will continue to become darker throughout your pregnancy. Montogomery’s tubercles start to appear as tiny bumps on the areola. These lubricate the areola.

Frequent Urination

The embryo is growing with each passing week and in turn, putting pressure on your bladder. You will be spending more time in the washroom now than in front of your mirror. 

Blood flow in your pelvic area is increasing due to your pregnancy hormone, hCG. But just so you feel irritated, do not cut down on your liquid diet. Keeping yourself hydrated is necessary not just for your body, but also for the baby.


Being tired is obvious. A lot is happening within you which you cannot see. The placenta is in its developing stage and is taking up a lot of your energy. You are still trying to figure out the reason behind your frequent mood swings and restlessness. But you are doing a great job! Have small meals throughout the day which will act as a powerhouse and make you feel energized.

Food cravings

Having food cravings and aversions is a healthy sign of your pregnancy. Now is the time to ask your partner to get you your favorite pickle or your favorite cracker or that amazing Belgian chocolate ice-cream (he won’t deny it!) Your olfactory senses are on a hike now- you will not be able to handle strong odors and it will add up to your nausea. 

So, if you are not liking a particular food that you were liking a few weeks back, don’t have it. Cravings are fine. Maintain a healthy diet but there is no harm in giving in once in a while.


Despite your cravings for hot and spicy food, avoid having them, especially oily and fatty foods. Indigestion and constipation during this period are very common and trust me you don’t want to go through all that pain. 

Pelvic Cramps

You might be experiencing mild pelvic cramps due to all the rear and tear of tissues that are going on to make space for the baby to grow. Don’t stress it much. If you are experiencing excruciating pain, call up the doctor at once.


Sounds pretty irritating, right? The excessive production of saliva is because of your pregnancy hormones which are acting as a defense mechanism against stomach acid. To get some relief, you can try these:

  • Chewing sugar-free chewing gums
  • Switching to a minty mouthwash and brushing more than twice a day with a minty toothpaste.


For the past few weeks, you have been liking your pregnancy glow in your face but happy days are gone. Pimples will be appearing this week because of the hormones. Do not apply any cosmetics before consulting the doctor.

To-do list for this week

Given below is a list of the things that you positively need to do at this stage. 

Prenatal visit

Having a prenatal visit this week is a must. Your first visit will be a long-drawn check-up. Your doctor will go through your medical history and will give you an estimated due date. He will also see whether you have any pregnancy risks. You will undergo blood and urine tests apart from being your weight and blood pressure checked. 


Make exercising your daily routine. It will not only keep you fit and help your organs to function smoothly but it will also channel your stress, mood swings, and restlessness into something positive. Walking, meditating, and yoga is great options.

No smoking

It is high time you should quit smoking. Not only will it bring complications in your pregnancy but it will pose a threat to the baby’s health too. If you are struggling to stop smoking, consult your doctor. 

Emergency cases to call up your doctor

Listed below are a few emergency cases when you should see your gynecologist. 

Ectopic pregnancy

This complication arises when the embryo forms outside the uterus or in the majority of the cases in one of the fallopian tubes. The mother’s life is in danger and if left untreated, the area near the embryo might rupture. If you are facing these symptoms, contact your doctor at once:

  • Excessive blood flow from your vagina
  • Weak and feeling dizzy throughout the day
  • Low blood pressure
  • Intolerable pelvic pain


Miscarriage results in a baby’s loss while pregnant. This takes place in the early weeks of pregnancy. Any changes in the hormones or genes of the baby without any foreign influences can lead to a miscarriage. Call up your doctor if you notice these symptoms:

  • Bleeding or occasional spotting
  • Discharge of pink vaginal fluid
  • Frequent cramps and pelvic pain
  • Dizziness


This week is very exciting and influential during your pregnancy. Your body is adapting to the changes to nourish your baby. The initial weeks of pregnancy are vital as the baby is undergoing major physiological developments. Symptoms like nausea and dizziness are natural as it requires a lot of energy in this process.

It’s necessary to start exercising and cutting down on all health-harming activities and addictions to prepare for the upcoming months. Be responsible and aware of your surroundings and relax!

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