12th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

Week 12 means you are finally about to finish your first trimester. You will have successfully aced one-third of your pregnancy by the end of this week. Week 12 is the harbinger of a lot of good news.  As you finish your first trimester, your pregnancy symptoms will start to ease down. In the second trimester, the chances of miscarriage are significantly lower.

12th Week of Pregnancy: Baby Changes, Symptoms, Foods & Care

This would be the perfect time to share your big news with your friends and family if you haven’t done that already. With each passing day, your baby is growing and making an immense progress.

What can you expect in the 12th week?

  • Finally, people will look at you and understand that you an expectant mother.
  • You are going to experience a headache quite often.
  • Skin pigmentation can occur.
  • You might not like noisy environments, so please be at places you are comfortable in.
  • You might experience dehydration, so drink loads of water. 

Common pregnancy symptoms in week 12

12th week pregnancy symptoms

By the end of week 12, most women report feeling more energized. While the other pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue start to ease down, many women experience headache and dizziness. The other symptoms include

Increased discharge

The thin and milky vaginal discharge, called Leukorrhea, will continue this week. It is your body’s way of preventing vaginal infection, so don’t wash it away. Consult your doctor if this discharge is colored, bloody or has a bad odor.


It could mean nothing or it could be a sign of something very serious. Sex during this time may also lead to some spotting. Tell your doctor if there is any sign of bleeding, or if you experience heavy blood flow with cramps.


Headaches tend to be more intense bye week 12 of pregnancy. They are often caused by changes in hormones, blood sugar levels, dehydration and stress. Try to figure out that trigger factors of your headaches to be able to avoid them. If your headaches are drastically increasing or have become very uncomfortable or if they are leading to other weird problems, consult your doctor. 


This symptom will continue even in this week due to increased blood volume in your body. Sit down or lie down whenever you feel light-headed. Snack regularly and drink lots of water to feel better.

Weight gain

By week 12, you may notice that your appetite is back. Most women feel that their baby is hungrier during this time. Try to maintain a proper diet and eat healthy and fresh. Don’t be pressurized into eating for two. Ask for healthy diet tips from your doctor. 

-Relief on the bladder

During week 12, your uterus will start to grow upwards and out of your pelvis. This will reduce some pressure on your urinary bladder. Thus, you may not feel the need to frequently urinate for some time. However, frequent urination will again be a problem after a few weeks. 

Skin pigmentation

Changes in skin pigmentation is very common among pregnant mothers. Melasma forms dark patches on various parts of the body. Use SPF whenever you go out. 

Changes in your breasts

Your areolas will probably become a few shades darker during this time. For some women, breast soreness continues into the second prime minister. Get your hands on a good fitting and supportive in your right size. Don’t continue wearing your pre-pregnancy bras. For some relief, you may use ice packs on your chest while lying down for some relief. 

Your Baby’s Development in Week 12

By now your baby has fully developed inside your womb. All the important systems and body parts of your baby has fully developed. From now on, your baby will only continue to get bigger and stronger. Your baby’s tissues and its organs will start to grow and develop at a rapid pace. This stage is all about growth and maturing. Your baby can now open and close its little fingers and can even curl its little toes. 

12th week pregnancy baby size

Your baby’s brain is also when developing fast. The pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain which is responsible for producing hormone, has now fully developed in a baby. It has started to secrete hormones and that means one day she will have babies of her own and you are now a future grandma. 

Your baby’s bone marrow has started producing white blood cell which means that your baby, upon birth, will be able to fight infections. Your baby’s liver is producing red blood cells. 

Even though it is too early for mothers to feel the movement of their baby, by week 12 the baby has become very active in the womb. Your baby’s vocal cord is also developing this week. Even though your baby’s skin is still translucent, all the bones including the skeleton and the skull are hardening. The placenta is now fully functional.

Size of your baby

From head to rump, your baby has now grown into around 5 cm. Now your baby is big as a plum or an apricot. It weighs approximately 14 gram which is equivalent to that of 3 grapes.

Pregnant belly at week 12

You may not be able to hide your pregnant belly much longer. It is probably starting to get more noticeable. If you had been keeping your joy a little secret till now, you might not be able to conceal that anymore. Your baby bump is soon going to appear.

12 weeks ultrasound

As most of the first trimester prenatal checkups happen between week 8 and week 12, you may have one scheduled in this week. You may even have two prenatal check-ups during this time and it will depend on your doctor. Did you know that if you get an ultrasound in your week 12 then your baby will be fully aware of any movement you make? As your baby is developing reflexes, if you gently poke your belly while looking at the ultrasound screen, you will probably see your baby respond to your poke.

You will also be able to hear a very strong heartbeat of your baby. If you get your ultrasound in week 12, you will be able to see your baby more clearly than ever before. 

During this prenatal checkup, your doctor will probably suggest first-trimester genetic testing. Be prepared to ask your doctor a lot of questions regarding all the different types of screening tests and diagnostic tests available.

Don’t neglect the tests that the doctor recommends because the most important thing to know is whether your baby is doing fine in there. These tests help early diagnosis of any developmental disorders and pregnancy complications that may arise in the future. 

Unfortunately, if you are eagerly waiting to know the sex of your baby, it is still very early to determine that on an ultrasound. Your doctor or technician will be able to tell you the sex of your baby with more certainty during the mid-pregnancy scan and that will likely take place around week 20. However, you may get to know your baby’s sex when you receive your blood testing report on the chromosomal disorder.

12th week pregnancy tips reminder

Tips and reminders for week 12

  • After your first trimester scan, your doctor will provide you with the proper estimate of your expected due date. You will also know with certainty how many babies you will be having. The doctor will inform you whether you should expect triplets, twins, or a singleton baby.
  •  During this time, a lot of women start thinking about the kind of delivery that they want to get. It might be a good time to decide whether you want to have your delivery in a hospital with proper facilities or if you want to deliver in a calm and known environment such as your home.
  •  If you haven’t started already, now would be the best time to start taking photos of your growing pregnant belly from this week onwards.
  • Don’t forget to schedule next free prenatal checkup that generally happens around week 20 in the second trimester.
  •  It is completely normal to experience some oral problems during this time. You may notice some blood on your brush and your gums may become more sensitive. Schedule a dental appointment if it worries you.
  • You can start preparing a budget for your upcoming expenses. You should start preparing financially for all the upcoming baby expenses. Check which expenses will be covered under your insurance, if you have one.
  • Stock up on healthy nutritious snacks such as fresh fruits, nuts, yogurt, cheese, etc., to help satisfy your pregnancy cravings. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.
  • Get yourself some new maternity clothing. Your belly will soon begin to expand and it is not advisable to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes. Try to find yourself some comfortable clothing. 
  • Pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels often help to induce a shorter labor period and also help in post-delivery recovery. However, do not over-exercise or do anything uncomfortable.
  • Don’t fret over your stretch marks. You will probably start noticing the stretch marks on your breast, abdomen, and hips. These stretch marks usually fade after delivery.


Even though you are going to feel great about being a mom, at times, you can sulk and feel depressed. Make sure you are always in a happy environment and sharing every little thing you feel with your partner. Do as your doctor says and you will be all fine!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months is week 12?

Week 10 marks the completion of three months. You will complete the First trimester by the end of this week.

How many weeks to go?

Only 28 weeks to go.

Can I hear my baby’s heartbeat?

Yes, if you get your first ultrasound in week 12. You will hear very fast, almost twice than yours, heartbeats of your baby.

Can I feel the baby’s movement at week 12?

Your baby has started moving the tiny arms and jerking the legs but you will probably not be able to feel them yet. If you get an ultrasound in week 12, you will also see your baby responding to your gentle poke on your belly.

When to call the doctor in Week 12?

You should call your doctor if you experience severe nausea, bleeding, severe cramps, and blood tined discharge or odor. Seek medical help if you feeling overwhelmed by your pregnancy or suffering from anxiety.

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