7 Tips To Improve Egg Quality

Irrespective of whether you want to conceive now or later on, it is essential to boost egg equality and improve fertility so that you can easily conceive whenever you want. 

Females are born with at least two million eggs, and when they reach puberty, the number gets reduced to 4000,000. Among them, only 400 eggs go through the process of ovulation. Women are born with eggs, and as they start to age, the quality of the eggs declines. To have a regular menstrual cycle, healthy eggs are essential because it also determines your fertility and chances to conception. 

What are the things one needs to do to improve egg quality?

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and prepare your ovary for healthy eggs.
  • Learn to manage stress to avoid infertility.
  • Practice yoga or exercise to reduce stress and increase fertility chances.
  • Eat healthy food to promote a healthy ovary.
  • Consume supplements to reduce deficiency
  • Try acupuncture to improve pregnancy chances
  • Avoid caffeine, smoking, and drinking as it causes infertility.
  • Get enough sleep as sleeplessness can cause various problems.
  • Stay hydrated to enhance blood flow in the ovary.
  • Try to consume antioxidants to reduce free radicals that are harmful to your body.

Several factors determine the quality of the eggs like genetics, stress, environmental exposure, and age. To increase the chances of embryo implantation, one must focus on improving egg quality. For a successful pregnancy, the egg must be of good quality. There are various things that you can try to enhance the quality of the egg. Some of them are mentioned below:

Things To Do To Improve Egg Quality 

Healthy Lifestyle

To improve egg quality, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are someone who is into drinking, cigarette, drugs, and alcohol, then it can affect your health. 

  • One needs to maintain a healthy BMI and take care of the health properly to prevent any oxidative stress.
  • To promote fertility, you need to give your body an adequate amount of sleep. If you are someone who is suffering from sleeplessness, then there is a high chance that your reproductive hormones are badly influenced. It can also interfere with follicular development, fertility, and menstruation.
  • If you are trying to conceive and improve egg quality, then try to practice light jogging, pilates, yoga, and strength training. Try to eat healthy food to provide your body with enough nutrition to improve overall fertility.

Also, make sure you know about natural remedies good for fertility

Manage Stress

When you are trying to get pregnant, then the situation can be very stressful. Various research has found a correlation between bad ovary health and chronic stress. It is tough to eliminate stress from your life, so you need to manage them. 

  • One of the relaxation methods is to perform exercise or yoga.
  • Try to bring positivity in your life to manage stress effectively. If you are someone who is always stressed, then your body will start to produce a high amount of cortisol, prolactin, and other hormones, which can deteriorate the process of regular ovulation. 

Take Supplements

If you have any deficiency in your body, then you should consume supplements. There are several supplements available in the market that improve fertility. One must concentrate on having antioxidants because it will reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals have the power to lower the egg quality in the ovary. 

Women who are trying to conceive can go for prenatal multivitamins as it contains all the nutrients that will help in the development of a healthy egg and fertility. Apart from this, you can also take supplements like vitamin E, vitamin A, and folic acid.

All these supplements help in improving the mitochondrial function that takes place inside the egg. Ensure that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of exercising as well

Try Acupuncture

Much research has been carried out to find out whether acupuncture helps women who are battling infertility. Women who are going through the process of In-vitro Fertilization can go for acupuncture because it increases the chances of pregnancy. 

In the process of acupuncture, thin needles will be placed in some particular places of your body. This practice is prevalent in Chinese medicine history. By doing this, the body will be able to heal itself and calm the nervous system.

Acupuncture can also help in reducing the stress hormone level that causes infertility. There are various medical conditions that cannot be helped by using acupuncture-like when the fallopian tubes are blocked. Make sure you consult a doctor before trying this. 

Hormone Balance

If you want to ensure that the eggs are adequately nourished, then your body needs to have the right balance of hormones. Stress, environmental factors, and improper diet can lead to hormonal imbalance. 

During the menstrual cycle, all women battle with their hormones which also leads them to consume sugary foods. When you’re consuming food that has a high content of sugar, then it will disrupt your hormonal balance and will disturb the process of ovulation. 

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

Nicotine is like poison to your eggs. Women who have a habit of smoking will reach menopause stage 2-4 years earlier than the normal age, and it will also be difficult for them to get pregnant. 

Alcohol reduces the chances of getting pregnant. When you smoke, your ovary will start to lose eggs rapidly. The DNA present in the egg cells of women goes through mutation because of some chemicals present in cigarettes. Ensure that you are doing this even when planning for second babies

Boost Blood Flow

The ovaries need to have a proper flow of blood to keep the eggs in a healthy condition. When blood flows to the ovary, then it will help the ovary to get all the essential nutrients needed for growing the eggs. You can also try some fertility massage which will focus on your uterus and will encourage more blood to flow to your ovaries. 

The flow of blood will start to decrease in women who do not consume enough water or do not perform exercise or have thick blood.

When oxygen-rich blood flows toward the ovaries, then it will help to improve egg quality. You can also enhance the flow of blood by practicing yoga. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about improving the Quality of Egg

1. What is the reason for the bad egg quality?

When a woman starts to age the quality of their eggs starts to reduce. Other factors are lifestyle choices, addiction to alcohol and smoking, hormonal imbalance, and underlying health conditions.

2. Can Vitamin C supplements be considered? 

Vitamin C helps your body to produce progesterone and absorb iron properly. Vitamin C effectively works on fertility. Even men can consume Vitamin C because it helps to improve sperm motility and health. 

3. Will stress affect egg quality? 

Stress will not affect egg quality but will lead to other problems which can cause infertility. 

4. When does a woman fail to produce an egg? 

Female infertility can lead to no ovulation or egg formation. If there is no ovulation, then no eggs are going to get fertilized. Irregular menstrual cycles or missed menstrual cycles are the signs of no ovulation in women. Ovulation problems can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Final Thoughts

These are the few things that you can try to improve the quality of eggs and fertility. If you are someone who is trying to conceive for a long time but are not able to then you should consult a doctor to know the root cause of the problem. Do all the things mentioned above to maintain a good egg quality and also to have a regular menstrual cycle. 

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