Why Should Kids Read Scary Stories: 6 Significant Reasons

Parents are often concerned with how the children will react to a creepy character or a scary situation. Horror stories are fascinating to read but at the same time make you scared of darkness.

When you are making the kids read scary stories, they will develop important qualities. But remember you shouldn’t be scaring the pants off your kids.

Why are horror stories important for kids?

  • It teaches you important life lessons.
  • It helps the kid to deal with the real world
  • It teaches them the difference between good and bad
  • It makes kids fearless.

Reasons to make kids read horror stories.

Many parents keep children away from scary books (TV Shows and movies), to protect their kids. Some parents are worried that the evil characters in the stories might send wrong messages.

So, they prefer reading them Cinderella, Hansel, and Gretel, Heidi, or Aladdin. They believe if they read good fairy stories, then their nightmare won’t be scary enough to wake them.

But it is important to read horror stories as they teach many important life lessons.

Important life lessons

Horror movies are spine-chilling. At the same time, they give you important life lessons and to differentiate between evil and good. Kids get to know that not only the good prevail but there are evils in society.

E.g. staying out late at night or walking in the woods alone is not safe. A positive attitude starts developing as well. 

Cope with difficult situations

Watching horror films or reading scary stories helps them to combat certain situations. They become expressive when they encounter certain “scary situations”. They develop a sense of control over fear and learn how to confront them.

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Enhance imagination power

Reading horror stories might develop their imagination in different ways. It gives them a world where they can control what they imagine. Reading scary stories helps them to cope with situations.

Adrenaline rush

It gives children an adrenaline rush when they are too scared. It helps them to deal with fears in a safe environment. They may be too scared to go and pee in night or may fear darkness due to sudden power cut. This increases their heartbeat rate and they feel a storm within themselves.

Help develop confidence

Kids develop a sense of confidence as they keep on dealing with scary situations. At one point in time, they are no more scared to face the evils.E.g. some kids are scared off a height or even roller coasters.

After 2 or 3 rides they get used to it and are no more scared. Repeating a certain activity makes them used to it. Kids help to wrestle with their fears. Horror stories can allow you to encourage kindness as well. 

Discuss fear

Parents can read horror stories to kids where they get to discuss their fear. The parents give them ideas on how to deal with such situations. Discussing help, them to clear doubts that they might face. Such a discussion can lead to deeper conversations in life.

What books should be read?

Books with good morale should be read. Stories where the evils get punished should be read to kids rather than stories where the evil gets free access to live in the world.

Being scared and being terrorized are completely different things. There is a fine line of difference between the two and that should not be crossed. Let your kids choose what to read, don’t pressure them with your interest. Slowly they will develop an interest and they will pick up the horror genre to read.

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FAQs about why kids should read scary Books

1. What books are best for kids to read?

4 best scary stories books are:

The House with a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs. 
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
The Witches by Roald Dahl

2. Is it OK to watch horror movies with kids?

It is fine to watch horror movies with kids as long as you are not pressuring them. If they are willing to watch, it is normal. They might experience an adrenaline rush, which might be thrilling to some and scary to others.


Horror stories are thrilling to experience. When you watch movies with your kids, they might hide their faces under the pillows or peep with one eye yet they will watch them. Like this, they will develop an interest. Through movies and stories, you make them learn about the evils and the good in society and how to deal with them.

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