How to Make Storytime Fun For Kids: 8 Tips to Follow

Reading is a very good habit which kids should pick up from an early age. This habit should be developed by the parents or any adult staying around them. While helping them with literacy skills parents can spend good quality time with the kids. 

How to make storytime fun?

  • Choose a good story
  • Make a connection with the story 
  • Discuss the plot
  • Teach important life lessons from the story
  • Let your child be the storyteller
  • Ask questions

The story that is read should be interesting and fun so that children are glued to it. Like ways, they will develop the habit of reading good books. 

Tips to Make Storytime Fun for Kids

Enjoy learning together

While it’s always fun to read with kids, as parents you get to learn a lot of things. Develop their concept and their thoughts. A good book always indulges you to think and helps you learn new things.

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Choose the right story

Choosing the right story is very important to make your kid’s storytime fun. The story should be age-appropriate for your toddler or preschool.

Let the kids choose what they want to read or hear. Read the stories which have good morale. The kids should read the story that they can connect to and enhance their vocabulary skills and knowledge.

Allot time for kids 

Allow children to express themselves. Let them explain what they conclude from the story. Allow them to nurture their thoughts. Avoid doing anything that can ruin the growth of your kid. 

Be expressive

It’s just not about the books. The narrator I.e. the person reading the book should be expressive enough to make kids understand. Don’t keep on reading the story, pause, and explain important phrases. Play with your hands and fingers fascinating the kids with concepts.

Discuss the book

Before starting with the story give a brief description of the story. For that parents needs to go through the story beforehand and provide a small description of it. Make sure that you have knowledge of all single father parenting tips if you are alone and trying to raise your kid. 

Extend time

If the story is interesting extend the storytime slowly with each passing day. Let them take this up as a habit, as this is a good habit to take up.

Ask question

Do not make the storytime session monotonous. Indulge your kids to challenging questions and let them speak up. This will enhance their vocabulary skills along with the confidence to speak and express their thoughts. 

Ask some questions and see whether they can keep up with the story.

Summarize the story

At the end of the story, try and summarize the story to your kids. Sometimes your kids might get lost in words therefore summarize the entire story to them. You can even allow your toddler to summarize the story to you, to see how well they have understood.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Story Time Fun

1. How to keep children interested in books?

Here are some ways where you can keep your toddler focussed as well as interested in a book. Be the narrator, Be expressive, Encourage discussions, and Ask questions. 

2. What are some books that kids will enjoy?

Some suggestions are Matilda by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, Malgudi Days by Ruskin Bond, and The blue umbrella by Ruskin bond. Other stories like Cinderella, Heidi, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Goldilocks’ and the three bears, Snow White and Aesop fables. Aesop fables are moral stories that should be read to kids for making them learn some life lessons. 

3. How can I be expressive to my kids?

Toddlers always find things interesting when you enact them through actions. Use your hands and fingers often. Ask them simple questions. Be a little silly in front of them. Make them answer and build up their interest.

The Way Ahead

A beautiful story narrated is what kids, mostly toddlers, and preschoolers alike. All you need is to be a little interesting to hear and expressive.

Reading is a good habit but do not pressurize them, if they find the book interesting they will slowly pick up the habit of reading.

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