10 Reasons Why Pets are Good For Children?

The idea of having a pet can be an extremely attractive one. Pets are no less than any member of the family and need equal love and care. A pet can be one of the best companions one can have and cuddling your pet can relieve you from all your stress. But in addition to all these facts, a kid can be extremely beneficial for your kids. 

The kid will undergo multiple beneficial emotional changes when it will be raised in the presence of a pet at your home. Let us now throw light on some of the reasons for which pets can be good for your kids.

Why will pets be good for kids?

  • Kids become more responsible.
  • They develop a sense of love.
  • They start understanding security.
  • They understand the value of sharing. 

The Benefits of Pets for Children:

Low risk for allergies

One of the biggest advantages of raising your kid in the presence of a pet like a cat or a dog can reduce the chances of allergies in your kids. Researches have shown that the kids raised with either cats or dogs are less likely to get affected by allergies.

The reason behind this is the development of antibodies. Kids with cats or dogs as their pets are less likely to respond to many allergens. Not only allergies but diseases like asthma are also less likely to affect your kid.

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Maintains blood pressure

Your kid will play with the pet that you have in your home. Playing with the pet will engage the kid in physical activities which will be a substitute for exercises. This will help maintain blood pressure and a healthier heart in your kid.

Also, you may take your pet out for a dog and your kid may accompany you. Walking will also help ameliorate the blood pressure and the conditions of your kid’s heart. This has also been proven in researches and can be backed by health experts.

Do not become couch potatoes

Having a pet in your home needs you to do a lot of works to keep the pet healthy. The activities are wide-ranging and can be done by any of the family members in the house. Your kid is also not an exception.

Your kid can help you taking care of the pet and can get involved in some of the negligible works. So, this will ensure that your kid is not becoming lazy if he or she is growing up with a pet in the house. You should understand all the benefits of Raising Kids around Animals.

Develops reading habit

Eventually, your kid will learn to read. Also, your pet will have a new partner to play with. This can be a boon to both the kid as well as your pet because as your kid grows, his or her reading habit can be the link.

Your kid will read out loud to your pet and your pet will be a good listener. So, the pet will not feel lonely, which has become a unanimous problem today and your kid’s reading will develop and so will the reading habit.

Develops a sense of responsibility

As mentioned earlier that when you have a pet in your home, you need to take good care of your pet. This involves doing a lot of small works and your kid can also help the elderly people in the house with those works.

As the kid does the small works and helps others, a sense of responsibility develops in him. So, having a pet can help your kid to not become a lazy child and can also imbibe a sense of responsibility in him. Having pets can also help you to avoid pampering kids.

Reduces loneliness

A pet will be your kid’s biggest companion. A pet can keep your child away from being isolated in your busy schedule and hence, keeps loneliness away from your child. This has been proven by researchers.

Researchers conducted an experiment where they gave a plant to some individuals and a bird to some other individuals. It was found after two years that the people with the birds are more socially active than the ones who did not own one.

Thus, a pet can help your kid deal with the loneliness by being its companion.

Teaches the circle of life

Sadly, you need to keep in mind that the lifespan of your pet is going to be less than that of the average human lifespan. So, your kid will have to deal with your pet’s departure from life and will be a step ahead towards understanding the circle of life.

Generally, people do not want their kids to get exposed to many of the harsh realities in this world and the death of any beloved is one of them. But reality needs to be accepted and that the working of nature is to be understood.

Your pet’s eternal rest can teach a lot to your kid about the working of nature.

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Develops self-esteem and confidence

It is an undeniable truth that your pets are never going to judge you. It does not matter to them how silly your words are or how childish your actions are, their love and affection for you remains the same.

So, your kid may very well sing or dance or act in front of your pet and will not be judged by it. This will boost the level of confidence in your kid. Also, it will motivate them and help them find out the talents that they have.

As your pets are not going to judge the kids, they will grow to be a more confident person than the ones who have always been hindered or criticized for their actions.

Kids become empathetic

When your kid grows up in the presence of a pet in the house, your kid will always show care and will try to understand what is good for the pet and what is not. He or she will try to comfort the pet and will try to feel it.

This unadulterated care and loving attitude will make your kid a more empathetic individual as he or she grows up. Your kid will then try to comfort others by understanding the emotions and sentiments of other people.

In addition to this, your kid will learn to respect the emotions and feelings of others and will make a good friend when he grows up.

Makes your kid stronger

As mentioned previously that having a pet will involve your kid in doing small works to take care of the pet. This may include brushing the coat or walking it to the bathroom. These small works make your kid stronger.

You may be wondering how these works make your kid stronger but the reason is quite a strong one. Brushing the coat will make the muscles of the arms more developed and hence, they will be stronger than the ones who do not engage in such activities.

Again, walking the pet to the bathroom will strengthen the muscles of the thighs and improve the balance while walking. So, all these are sufficient enough to prove that a pet will make your kid physically stronger, too.


Besides the above-mentioned points, having a pet makes your kid more compassionate. Your kid learns how to communicate nonverbally. Additionally, the anxiety and stress levels are also managed in the presence of a pet.

But certain things should be considered. You should take the initiative to involve your kid in taking care of the pet. This is how the relationship between the pet and your kid will develop. Also, you should keep a close watch while they play together to avoid any accidents.

Thus, having a pet can benefit your kid in many folds. Starting from emotional connectedness to physical strength, all the aspects develop in your kid. Clearly, it is very justifiable why a pet is good for your kid.

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important Frequently Asked Questions about why Pets are good for Kids

Can my kid develop allergies to pets?

If your kid already has allergies, it might be a good option to avoid pets. However, there will be no other risks of allergies.

Can I leave my kids alone with pets?

Once your kids are accustomed to pets, you can leave them alone, but make sure you are not letting them out of sight.

Is there a chance that my pets will bite my kids?

Kids may not understand and sometimes offend pets. That is why it is always advised that you stay in close proximity with them when they around the pets. 

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