10 Ways to Build a Good Bond Between Brothers and Sisters

As a species, human beings are social creatures and they depend a lot on their families. The relationship between brothers and relationships is one of the most strong and unique relationships.

After parents, the one relationship that stays with everyone for all their lives is the one that they share with their siblings.

Why is the bonding between bro and sis important?

  • In siblings, people find lifelong friend who loves them unconditionally.
  • The bond between bro and sis strengthens even more over time and is forged on shared memories of childhood.
  • In childhood, while brothers and sisters are sometimes allies and partners in crime, they are also sometimes each other’s biggest enemies.
  • Thus, such a relationship, while loving and friendly, also teaches kids to learn valuable lessons on how to resolve issues.
  • This relationship is the first one that people have with a peer. This sibling relation thus forges the path on how to relate with other people in life in the future.
  • The sibling bond provides the brother and sister an accomplice in each other who are going through similar experiences in life. They always will have each other and will help each other to weather the difficulties of life.
When can sibling-sibling relationships turn sour?

Having siblings is one of the biggest ever blessings that God can shower someone with. However, their relationship can turn sour if parents do not nurture the relationship and teach them to respect one another constantly. To prevent the growth of jealousy, hatred, etc., parents need to take care that they are not comparing their child with the other one. They should shower equal affection always on both. 

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How can Parents encourage the bonding between brother and sister?

Parents should always strive to foster a good relation of mutual respect and bonding between the siblings. To show the kids how important the bond of family and siblings are, parents can follow some tried and tested tips.

Try to Encourage mutual and harmonious co-existence

A healthy connection between the siblings where there they mutually value and respect their differences and yet love each other. This will ensure a lifetime of a prosperous relationship between the siblings.

Acknowledge and respect individuality

While one may be great at academia the other may be less interested in studies and is more creative. The parents and relatives should applaud the achievements and support the aspirations of both the brother and the sister.

This way there will never be any feelings of alienation or jealousy. Make sure you are doing things to raise well-behaved boys

Don’t compare

A comparison of any kind through words or actions often creates tension and rivalry among the siblings. Celebrate every kid’s uniqueness. Let each of them flourish in their own way.

Why should you not compare kids?

-Kids can feel that your other kid is better and jealousy starts creeping into him.
-They can feel you love the other one more.
-They can get a feeling of being a burden in the household. 

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Don’t show preferences

The biased or preferential behavior of parents is another cause of sibling rivalry and conflicts. Your kids should face the same consequences for similar actions. Parents should have different rules for the brother and the sister.

Spend quality family time

While you should give opportunities to the siblings to play and have fun one-on-one, the parents and the kids should also spend time together.

Playing games, laughing, going on vacation, and experiencing life experiences together is what becomes the basis of shared memories of childhood that the siblings will always remember and cherish.  

Have family traditions

It can be anything from weekly family movie nights, annual thanksgiving football competition, Easter egg hunting to winter slide marathons. Such traditions help create lifelong memories for the siblings.

Make a place for each of them

You need to make a place for each of the siblings in the family. Giving them a special place where each of them is responsible for something, depending on their special abilities or interests, will help develop siblings recognize and respect each other’s uniqueness.

Why should you make a special place for siblings individually?

-It helps to nourish their individual interests.
-They will be able to understand their respective talents.
-They will feel loved, respected, and understood. 

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Give equal chores

This will facilitate balance among the household and will teach the siblings how to cooperate. Shared domestic responsibilities can also be a great way to bond and support each other. Ensure that you do proper tasks to ensure the growth of self-esteem in kids

Limit technology

The siblings should spend time together where they interact with each other and not just watch television. This will help them to communicate and unwind any sibling tension.

Don’t interfere in sibling fights

Siblings fights are common and they are necessary to teach the kids the art of defending their own opinions, the ways to negotiate, and also allows them to explore ways to manage sibling conflict.

If you let them figure out their problems by themselves, you won’t be at the risk of hurting any of the sibling’s sentiments. You can listen to each of their sides but in the end, encourage them to talk and figure it out themselves.

Also, instead of always shouting at or rebuking them, use the love language, as that works like magic. 

Why is it good to stay away from sibling fights?

-They can get an idea of favoritism, which will eventually hurt them.
-Your interfering will not allow them to convey their opinions freely.
-You might the sentiment of any one of your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Teaching Siblings to Respect One Another

How can I teach my kids to respect each other?

Teach your kids to respect each other by listening to each other’s opinions even when they don’t agree with it. Siblings should never disregard or be dismissive of the other person. Teach them and make them understand to remain and maintain kindness. Teach them to not be harsh or to not use unpleasant tones while talking to each other. Tell them that should always care about the other person’s feelings. 

How to teach kids about respect?

Tell them that it’s absolutely okay to not agree on some things but it is very important that they are civil with each other while arguing. Teach them that they should never call each other names or start physically fighting with the other over disagreements.

How can to reduce fights between the siblings?

Sometimes letting the kids spend time alone when they work on their own hobbies and interests can help minimize opportunities for a clash between the siblings. Analyze why they fight. Try to understand if they are fighting to draw attention or if they are fighting over disagreements. Whatever be the reason, try to work on it to reduce the fights. 


Your children will have a best friend for life in their sibling.  A sibling is the one person that a child knows, after the parents, right from their birth and this sibling relationship lasts their lifetime.

This relationship is full of love, trust, caring, respect, support, and encouragement. This relationship teaches them teamwork and lays the foundation for all social relationships in the future.

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