20+ Best Things Busy Dads Can Do With Their Kids

In most societies, even now, childcare responsibilities are seen as something which only the mothers need to take care of.

It is assumed that mothers will balance their professional lives with their personal lives in such a way so as to see that they are able to spend adequate time with their children.

The role of the fathers is seen as a more passive one, they will earn and provide for the family. This mentality, though archaic, is still prevalent to some extent. 

Simple Things Busy Dads Can Do For Spending Time with their Kids

More and more fathers are becoming aware of the disparity in gender roles as parents and are coming forward and trying to play an active role in the growth and development of their children.

A renowned psychologist once said that for children, time is equivalent to love in a lot of cases. However, in today’s world time is the most precious commodity and we all seem to be always running out of it.

Make sure you keep track of their everyday activities

It might not be plausible for young dads to be always physically present with their children. Hence, they might lose out on the opportunity to be actively present and involved in the daily activities of their children.

However, one should always make sure to keep oneself updated with your child’s schedule. As a parent, you must know what your child is up to. 

Also, being aware of their daily activity will give you a chance to talk to them about it later and make up for the lost time.

However, a word of advice, if possible, do make it a point to be present with your kid on special occasions such as school events and birthdays!

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Keep track of your kids daily activities

Share some of your duties with your kid

You can include your child in your daily household chores. Not only will it allow you to spend some quality time with your child but also instill a sense of responsibility in your child from an early age.

If you keep your Sunday reserved for washing your car or doing the laundry, involve your child in these activities. These will turn into fond memories once your child grows up.

Instill responsibilities in your child

Tell them bedtime stories

Even if you cannot be present with your child for the most part of their day, do try to ensure that you make it back home before their bedtime.

You can also form a ritual of telling them a bedtime story, kissing them, and carefully tucking them into bed. 

Take your kids for outdoor sports sessions

Fathers can be the best playmates for their children. You surely loved sports as a boy.  You can instill that same love in your children.

Fathers and children often bond best over a game of basketball, football, or even tennis.  You could also spend time teaching your kids how to play cards or chess! 

How important is outdoor play for a child's development

Help them with their school work

This is a very productive way of spending time with your child. Take some time out and make an effort to find out what your child is studying and help them with subjects that they find difficult.

Make sure that you are always encouraging and nurturing while teaching them no matter how tired you are.

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Have one-to-one conversations

You must have one-to-one conversations with your child. It is your duty to find out if he is being bullied in school or not or how he is feeling.

You can share certain incidents in your life that happened in your childhood. We all want to be heard, your child is no different.

Go for family vacation trips at least once a year

Work might be hectic but you still need to make sure that you take at least two weeks of break every year and go on a trip with your family.

This will not only help you bond with your family well but will also ensure that you do not feel burnt out at work. 

You will come back happier and will be able to work better. Also, these family trips will ensure that your child has many joyous childhood memories of going on vacations with the family.

Vacation is important

Be silly and laugh with your child

You can keep your serious self for work but while you step into your home make sure you are your charming, humorous self. Laugh with your child. Crack funny jokes, sing songs with them. Trust me, the years when your child is growing are precious! They will be over in the blink of an eye.

Have certain meals with them

Depending on your schedule, try to have at least one meal together daily. Make sure that you are not busy on your phone attending to official mails while you are eating with them. Encourage a light conversation at the dining table. This will bring your family closer.

Go for walks after dinner

Why not take another 30 minutes walking after dinner with the children if you’ve already had time to have dinner with them? This is the coolest and most enjoyable time of the day. If the table has been cleared and the plates have been cleaned, walk about your area. 

Talk about the changes you see and what your kids watch when you step through them.

The act of walking during your speech might make it easier for children to bring up tough topics or issues and when they bring up these topics, they concentrate on something else (like walking).

Read along with your children

It’s a perfect way to spend time together to read your children or even to read books together for half an hour every night. Choosing books to read and talk about are opportunities to express your children’s thoughts and beliefs.

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You should read along with children

Leave behind a text if you are leaving for work early

The kids like surprises, so if you don’t have the opportunity to see them in the morning, leave a quick video or a message to find them. 

They are happy to get a letter from you and you have been allowed to prove that you’re sorry you couldn’t stay with them in the morning, but that you love it so much that you’ve been trying to make them a surprise note or card.

Take time to do what your kid enjoys doing

Take part in an experience they’re fond of. Speak to your teen about it, whether it be cosplay, football or model aircraft.

Find out whether you have a way or if it’s not possible to be a part of it, then listen to them and hear about them so that you can chat about it and understand why they are excited about their chosen sport.

Cook for your family at least every weekend

Joining up in the kitchen will be fun for young people and elderly people! Get ready and hear from those at the owner-chef of your family and be encouraged to learn what makes the dish unique for your family.

Take the opportunity to catch these special moments with photographs and videos per move.

Introduce them to family traditions

The traditions maintain a close relationship between relatives and extended family. Older family members typically know more about how and the significance of family rituals arise.

Share certain family rituals with the younger generation and make time for these traditions to build enduring memories together.

You should introduce your kids to family tradition

Workout along with your kid at least once a week

Even if the message is impossible for your children, working together is the best way to spend quality time together.

Exercise contributes to your life daily for years…this is YEARS longer than you can live together! 

And in those everyday exercises, you get the advantage of those little bonding snippets. Play tag, learn racquetball, shoot hoops or while your children are younger, push them up to see how many swings they can swing in the yard or park when you are lap.

Have a movie night at home

It might be just the reverse of the tech time out, but you will be a better family by arranging a special Family film night! It’s not about television.

Any cool, printable popcorn boxes can be included, you can snuggle on the bed and switch the lights off, watch a new movie.  Planning is part of it, so speak ahead of time to snap a shot to recall the fun!

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Reasons for spending time with children

It will increase your kid’s self-esteem.

For you and your kids, your time is precious. A message is sent to him by your ability to take your time: you are valuable. A dad who gives his love and respect to his wife indirectly communicates that.

And if you, your child, agree that he deserves your undivided attention, the person you love your child most in the world your child will be of great significance. 

For our psychological well-being, nothing is more valuable than good self-confidence. For your kids, you can support them. And you can appreciate the pride you feel as your child grows up and taste the knowledge that you had the hand to cultivate that boy.

You will get to know their abilities better.

The more you spend with your kids, the better you get to know their new skills. Such fathers who spend little time with their children sometimes underestimate or overestimate their children’s growth.

You can not have enough challenges or stimuli if you underestimate the skill of your infant. 

It’s going to be boring for your child. If you overestimate the capabilities of your kids, your ambitious expectations are a stressful and disagreeable experience. Your child is less motivated in any situation to engage with you in the future.

Your kid will be positively influenced by you.

Your child’s expectations are high. And the older he becomes, the more likely he would follow the frame of reference of his peer group. However, the closer you have to your child, the greater the probability that your child will continue to associate with you.

You are thus in a good position to inculcate your optimistic beliefs and maximize your chances of them being adopted.

The more love and reverence your kid has for you (as opposed to terror and rage), the more often he would include his sense of yourself. He’s more going to be like you.

It is predicted that your son can bond better with you than your daughter will and will feel closer to you.

However, if you feel a loving bond between you two, you will always be an extremely valuable role model for her. And she’s likely to choose a guy who later reflects your positive characteristics for her father.

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It will be a boost to your self-esteem.

The longer you stay with your newborn or 5-year-old, the better you’ll be at fatherhood. Since fathers are not a matter of course and must be taught instead, you feel self-satisfied as you are more fulfilled.

The old saying: “The more you bring it in, the more you come out,” readily refers to your friendship with your children. When you feel how more and more vital your child feels, you will feel more and more self-importance.

How to boost self-esteem

 A survey done showed that most men born in the 90s felt that they did not have a real bond with their fathers until their late teenage years and these men are actively looking to ensure that they do not repeat the same thing with their kids.

The biggest asset you have is probably your children; you do not want them to grow up thinking that you do not care enough about them.

The way you interact with your child will end up shaping your child’s personality and also the bond that you will have with them in your old age. 

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Things to know-

Is praising necessary? And if so, why?

Most adults would generally agree that children don’t have to be commended above all. But your child can’t read your mind. Loyalty lets the children understand what habits they want and want them to do once more.

When you teach a new behavior, first applaud Everyone and then reduce the number of times you praise the behavior. 

Praising Lobbying is a reminder. It is beneficial. Infants and pre-school children need to be reminded constantly at first about behavior, but with less time. You might applaud an action once a day, then once a week, and maybe not once a habit.

How can I be a patient listener?

The feelings of your child could not necessarily be accepted. When you listen carefully, the job is that your child reflects or repeats how he feels. This will let your kid know that you care and want to hear about his or her sentiments.

You might say things like ‘I see,’ ‘I hear you,’ and ‘Uh-huh,’ if you disagree about what he feels. We don’t support our kid when we tell him to stop feeling a certain way or stop thinking about him. 

Children often weep and it is the only way they feel they’re sad to show others. You also offer him means of dealing with your child’s emotions as you can mark his feelings.

If the emotions of your child are damaged you should recognize the feelings of sorrow and wound and remind the other person that occasionally it is helpful.

Make your child happy

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