10 Perfect Tips For Increasing Male Fertility

One of the most important and joyous decisions that a couple makes is to conceive. It requires a lot of planning to make a proper decision on this matter.

A big number of factors can influence this decision of a couple, but of all the factors, the one which has the highest importance is the health of the parents. 

Why should you work on boosting fertility?

  • When you are ready to be a dad, it is mandatory to make sure that your sperm production is healthy.
  • You might have certain fertility issues, which can be worked on if you are working on boosting fertility.
  • You will understand the best weight you should be in.
  • Boosting fertility also works positively on various other health aspects as well.

Stated alternatively, the fertility condition of the couple trying to conceive is of utmost importance.

Often it is found that men do not look after their health with proper care when trying to conceive.This article throws light on some of the tips for men when looking forward to conceiving.

Useful Tips For How To Increase Male Fertility:

Consult a doctor to know your ideal weight

A man can face multiple problems if he is underweight or overweight. Any weight not ideal for the man can negatively affect the count and quality of the sperm. Also, the couple’s sexual life will be affected if the man’s weight is not right.

Improper weight can hinder a man’s sexual performance and libido levels, making it difficult for the couple to conceive. So, a consultation from a doctor is required regarding the ideal weight the man should have for easy conceiving. It is also important to have a balanced diet.

The man should follow a diet that includes a good amount of fruits and vegetables, proteins, and other nutrients. A bit of physical exercise is also suggested to maintain proper weight.

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Have a good sleep

Deciding on trying to conceive is a major decision in anyone’s life. This includes a lot of planning and hence, involves a lot of mental engagement. Men should plan for their future in such a phase and that is one of the most normal things that a man can do.

But it should be kept in mind that having a good sleep is of paramount importance since insufficient sleep can affect your fertility conditions adversely. Once your fertility condition deteriorates, things will become extremely difficult not only for the man but the couple as a whole.

So, sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day for proper rest of your body and brain.

Stop smoking

One of the most important steps that a man should follow when trying to conceive is to stop smoking. Smoking hampers the motility of the sperms and thus reduces the chance of the woman to become pregnant. Also, the infertility of the man increases with smoking.

In addition to this, the quality of the sperm cells also reduces which makes the couple face difficulties in conceiving. Smoking marijuana or other drugs can also lead the woman to miscarry even after conceiving easily. So, smoking must be stopped when trying to conceive. Consider yoga asanas to increase fertility.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Regular consumption of alcohol in excess can significantly contribute to your infertility. Research have shown that regular consumption of alcohol worsens the quality of sperm. The sperm cells also tend to become abnormal and hence, conceiving becomes difficult.

Additionally, the production of sperm cells is affected when alcohol is consumed regularly in excess. According to some of doctors, small servings of alcohol a day is not an alarming cause but still, it is needed to be reduced.

Moreover, inebriated conditions in men can reduce their sexual performance. So, if this condition occurs regularly, then it will be extremely difficult for the couple to conceive.

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Reduce caffeine intake

A man may not smoke or may have very little alcohol consumption but may have a very high intake of caffeine. It has been found in one of the studies that a man with high caffeine intake had low sperm count and concentration compared to the ones with lower caffeine intake.

Experts suggest that a man should have less than 300 milligrams of caffeine a day, that is, about three 6-ounce servings of caffeine-containing food a day. To reduce caffeine concentration in the body, cut on coffee, chocolate, and tea.

Do exercise

Since you are planning to conceive, you must keep yourself healthy. And once it comes to keeping yourself healthy, what other alternative do you have than exercising? Mild exercises can help in maintaining the body.

  • Exercising helps you to maintain proper body weight and also ameliorates the production of sperm. 
  • It also improves the quality of the sperm cells and hence, the chances of your partner conceiving. The abnormalities in the sperm also decrease by many folds.

Thus, try to do exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and thereby increase your chances to be a father faster.

Take fertility-friendly medicines

Before you decide on conceiving, you should make a proper list of the different medicines that you take. After making a proper list, consult your doctor to see whether the medicines that you take are going to affect your fertility. 

Basically, many medicines can reduce the production and quality of sperm cells. If such situations arise then you will face difficulties in conceiving. Thus, it is of paramount importance to consult a doctor to check on the medications.

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Avoid toxins that can cause infertility

If a man is working around some of the factories that involve a lot of chemicals and toxins, then that man needs special care. Chemicals and toxins can affect the quality of the sperm and damage the rate of production of sperm cells, cascading infertility. It is best if you can avoid working in such an environment.

If it is not possible to avoid working in such an environment, then try to avoid direct exposure to such toxins. 

You may ask your employer to employ some other activities that don’t need you to directly handle toxins. And in case your luck does not favor you then try to use multiple layers of protection while working to avoid being exposed to toxins. This can help you significantly. Also, go through regular medical check-ups to avoid complications.

Eat walnuts

If your diet includes walnut daily, then you are doing a great job unknowingly. Walnut has been proved to be one of the greatest sources of nutrients and can benefit multiple parts and functions of your body. It also ameliorates fertility. You can also consider taking Apple Cider Vinegar.

Researches have shown that if a man consumes 75 grams of walnut daily then his sperm motility and sperm morphology improves by many folds. Stated in simpler terms, the overall quality of the sperm cells improves significantly if walnuts are consumed daily.

So, if your diet already includes walnuts then make sure that you are consuming 75 grams of walnuts. If you do not consume walnuts, then start consuming it as soon as possible. 

Pre-conception medical check-up

It would be extremely wise to decide on a pre-conception medical check-up. A doctor can examine your body and the organs properly and let you know if you have any anomalies that can hinder easy conceiving. You will also get to know about the steps necessary for easy conceiving.

In addition to this, he can examine your body mass index and other physical conditions that can significantly affect your fertility conditions. So, it is best to get yourself checked up by a doctor so that you can get proper treatments if needed.

A doctor can also check on the medicines that you consume regularly and can change them if required. So, before everything, consult a doctor.

These are some of the most important tips that men should follow before trying to conceive. So, follow the above tips and take a step ahead towards easy conceiving and become a father soon.

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Here are some Important Frequently Asked Questions about increasing fertility

Do we need to see a doctor every month?

No, you can get yourself checked up before you plan to conceive.

Is it mandatory to include walnuts in the diet?

Walnut is known to have multiple benefits and fertility is one of them. So, try to include walnuts although it is not mandatory.

Do we need to stop consuming alcohol completely?

Experts suggest that you should reduce alcohol consumption so that you do not become inebriated.

Shall we stop smoking completely?

It is best if you can stop smoking. But if you cannot, reduce as much as you can.

Shall we do yoga daily?

Yoga is one of the best physical activities that you can do when trying to conceive. So, it is a very wise idea if you start doing yoga regularly.

How long shall we exercise daily?

Involve yourself in mild exercises for about half an hour every day.

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